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Manhattan is among the most expensive places to live. Yet, once people get the hang of living in Manhattan, they can’t settle for anywhere else easily. If you have a house, business, or rental property in Manhattan, you must have invested a lot in it. While high prices and rents are the norms in Manhattan, we don’t want any of your investment to go to waste. Protect your residential, business, or commercial property in Manhattan with our top-notch security system.

We offer the best security camera and alarm installation systems for houses, businesses, and commercial buildings. We also provide intercom, alarms, and access control installation. Call us today to install or upgrade your security system. We provide the best security camera, intercom, and alarm system installation in NYC.

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Security Camera Installation

Security cameras are the first thing to install when strengthening your property’s security system. If you already have security cameras, then maybe it is time for an upgrade. We provide installation of new cameras and replacement or upgrade of old parts.

We provide better technology and tougher parts in all of our security cameras. If you want extra-tough security cameras, then we have vandal-proof security cameras. Vandal-proof security cameras are weather-resistant and do not get damaged easily.

If you are worried about someone trying to break into your property when it is dark, install our Night Vision Camera. Other advanced cameras from our range include a Nanny Camera, Hidden camera, Infrared camera, Thermal camera, and Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera.
We install security cameras of the following brands.

Intercom Installation Services

Intercoms act as a filtering system to allow certain people to enter your property. With an intercom system, you can control who enters your premises. Installing intercoms is beneficial for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

With a good quality intercom system, you not only get to view your visitors but also talk to them. This helps in confirming the identity of a person visiting you for the first time. You have the luxury to grant access to any family member, guest or visitor, without reaching the door.

Intercom systems are necessary to build a two-way communication system inside and out of the office and commercial buildings. We provide CCTV cameras, IP cameras, and wireless cameras for your intercom system. Our intercoms provide versatile options to fit your security requirements. We offer Audio, intercom, Audio-Video intercom, and Mobile Intercom system. The Virtual Doorman system and Telephone Entry system are other advanced intercom systems we offer. If you want to add other features to your intercom system, we are more than happy to hear about it. Get in touch for an upgrade or new intercom system installation.

Access Control and Alarm System Installation

The security system of your house or business is incomplete without installing an alarm system. Alarms are necessary as they give alerts in case of intrusion, fire breakout, or other emergency situations. Burglar alarms and fire alarms are crucial for all residential, business, and commercial settings.

Our alarms are high-quality in build and function. The sensors are highly sensitive, and the alert system is very fast and prompt.

Other than burglar and fire alarms, we also offer custom wireless and home security alarms. We use high-quality alarm systems from these brands.

Our access control systems have several options to fit every budget and security need. We install access control systems to single, family homes, multi-tenant buildings, offices, stores, and commercial buildings. You can choose how you want the access control panel to function. You are free to choose between codes, key fobs, fingerprints, and facial recognition. Though these options vary in price, we try to align your needs with your budgets as much as possible.

Keypad and biometric access are the most popular products in our range of access control. Other products include card readers, key fob control, and facial recognition access.

From simple to biometric access control, these are the brands we use.

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byArthur S. onSecurity Camera

Security Camera NY is very reliable and extremely proficient! The price quote was just reasonable and their client assistance was quick and helping. They successfully installed 12 cameras and an alarm system in my home on very short notice. Highly Recommended!

byJane C. onSecurity Camera

Security Camera NY was extremely useful and simple to converse with all through the whole procedure of installation of intercom and cameras. We just moved to central park, Manhattan and didn't have the foggiest idea what we required, however, he guided us through all the possible places. They were adaptable to our changing schedule. I will 100% use them again and definitely recommend for any individual who needs an expert camera & intercom installation services.

byCamilla M. onSecurity Camera

Amazing service and truly sensible evaluating sense of requirements! Security Camera NY introduced different surveillance cameras and an alarm system for my independent small new start-up. When I required assistance a half year later, they responded to me back immediately with an immense response. Manhattan definitely has an awesome service of camera & alarm installation.
Happy to recommend it!

byBrent R. onSecurity Camera

I had a fabulous experience working with this company and his staff on a multi-location venture including my newly opened restaurant and recently purchased home in Manhattan. Their work was staggeringly productive and intensive, and their correspondence all through the procedure (all the way to continuous help) was magnificent. I would prescribe and anticipate working with them again later on!

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