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Newark is one of the expensive cities in New Jersey. However, as the property rates are higher, this city offers various amenities for a comfortable lifestyle—that includes many entertainment options, such as unique restaurants and art scenes, along with excellent job opportunities. Despite the higher standard of residential, commercial, and business properties, you are still at risk of falling victim to property crimes. Nonetheless, you can protect your homes and businesses by installing the best security cameras, intercom, and alarms.

We offer you a variety of top-notch brands for security cameras and alarms for your house. This ensures that your house is entirely secure. You can contact us to find more information about how we can maximize your house’s security through cameras and an access control system.

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Security Camera in Newark

Installing security cameras will allow you to monitor your property when you are inside and away from your home. With any unusual activities or theft attempt, you can immediately contact the nearest police division. This can save you from property crime. Contact us to install new security cameras or update your old connections to new and advanced ones.

We have security cameras with unique features. Examples include thermal cameras, which can help identify the thermal movement of humans and animals on your property. Furthermore, you can also place hidden cameras to catch thieves red-handed without them knowing that you are monitoring the premises. To view your home’s surroundings and inside during night time, you can install night vision cameras. You can choose from options such as Infrared security cameras, vandal-proof security cameras, Pan-tilt zoom cameras, and nanny cameras. We have security cameras from top camera manufacturing companies such as:

Alarm and Access Control System in Newark

We also install alarms so that you can get alerts and respond before any loss every time someone tries to break into your property. The alarm system also protects you from gas leakage, fire, water overflow, and any other emergency condition. We install highly sensitive fire and burglar alarms in commercial, business, and residential locations. Here are some brands we trust and install:

We also install an access control system with advanced features such as face recognition, key fobs, fingerprints, and codes. Although the access control system we offer is budget-friendly, you need to pay extra for every additional feature. Here are some brands we use for our clients:

Intercom Services in Newark

By installing a top-notch intercom system, you can protect your property from untrustworthy people. This service works as a filtering system. When a person visits you, they can only enter your property after speaking to you through an audio system. You can also choose from other intercom security options such as audio and video intercom. Furthermore, you do not have to walk to the door whenever someone comes at the door. You can speak to them and press the button to let them in if you want. Otherwise, the door won’t open. We can also provide wireless cameras, IP cameras, and CCTV cameras, depending on your requirement. If you want a new connection or upgrade an old one, call us, and we will guide you through.