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Virdi Access Control System

Access control systems are great for keeping track of vehicle systems, time-ins, meal times, etc. All security systems have an access control system ingrained within to keep track of employees and other logs. Companies of almost every size have begun to make proper use of Access control systems, and no other company is quite as customer friendly as Virdi. Virdi access control Systems cater to the needs of both major enterprises and smaller houses, making it the best of both worlds. And among the various security systems and products that we have available, we also have a large collection of Virdi access control systems available for purchase. So, if you are looking for high-tech and high-quality access control system, the Virdi access control systems might be for you.

Virdi Access Control System Installation

As for the installation of Virdi’s access control system, it really depends on the type of system and controller that you have. The midrange controllers are standalone systems that do not require any hub or server and connect to your phone through applications. These are the easiest to install.

The higher end ones, however, will require some serious installation, which makes them not suitable for any DIY projects. These controllers connect to a bigger server that logs all of their entries, which means that they will require a series of complicated installation processes. So, you will definitely require professional help with this particular access control system installation. But if you are thinking that it is incredibly tedious, the installation process is very worth it.

Virdi Access Control System Functions

Virdi Access control systems are some of the most advanced in the market. And one of the major features that Virdi offers, is fake fingerprint detection. People tend to manipulate these access control systems with fake silicone fingerprints or film fingerprints. Although these did work on most finger print readers a few years ago, Virdi control Access systems have state of the art fingerprint detection software that prevents manipulation from the get go.

Some of their midrange access controllers are incredibly easy to install and very simple to use.

Most have a touch screen interface, along with a keypad and a fingerprint reader.

These midrange controllers also come with an amazing app that connects to the controller through Bluetooth and gives remote access to the user.

The high-end models are a much more interesting case, as they come with three diverse authentication options. You can either enter by scanning a card, your face, or your finger, or all three depending on the level of security that you choose.

Thanks to the HD Camera and faster processor present in the controllers, it is able to capture faces, and process them much faster.

The RFID reader is also incredibly fast thanks to the impressive processor.