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Samsung Security Cameras

Samsung is one of the biggest tech brands of the current generation. Responsible for some of the best and most innovative phones of the past two decades, Samsung is synonymous with phones and home appliances. However, other than their usual phones and TVs, Samsung is also responsible for some of the best security cameras available on the market. Apart from a variety of other security cameras and goods, we also offer a wide range of Samsung security cameras. So if you are looking to get Samsung security cameras, you can visit our website.

Samsung Security Camera Features

Samsung’s digital CCTV technology is some of the most advanced. Although these CCTV cameras may look like ordinary Security cameras, they are so much more. These cameras are able to capture high definition video while also eliminating the false color artifacts. The video quality also stays consistent during nighttime or times of low illumination with the implementation of a three line-processing algorithm. Samsung security cameras have this algorithm to avoid noise and grain under conditions of low light. This gives much clearer picture quality.

Samsung security cameras also come with incredible WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) functions that make freeze frames much clearer and still. Moreover, the VPS (Virtual Progressive Scan) operation interlacing or progressive scanning methods depending on the situation. These cameras also come with digital image stabilization or DIS, which keeps the camera steady in the harshest of weathers. The more stabilized image allows you to save a lot more DVR storage space.

A unique feature in Samsung security cameras is that it is able to offer privacy zones in while recording. You can program these privacy zones how you see fit, and the cameras wont record footage for that specific area. This gives you the privacy that you need without having to compromise on security. Security cameras are much more than just lenses on a pole. As Samsung’s security cameras show, they are much more.

Camera Installation

Some Samsung security cameras come with PoE (Power over Ethernet) that allows users to install cameras on their own. All that these cameras require is an Ethernet cable connected to a main computer and that’s it. With the help of PoE, installing a security camera has never been easier.
On the other hand, some cameras come with a more complicated setup. Security camera installation for these cameras is a little more complicated, because of the different features that they offer. Nearly all high-end models offer features like camera movement and various others. These features not only require a lot more power, but their own dedicated ports. Therefore, when it comes to installation of these security cameras, you can sure make things a little complicated.

This is why it is always a good idea to call up a professional for security camera installation.