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How does it work?

All of the footage that is recorded by security and surveillance cameras will need to go and be recorded somewhere. In the past, it was common to utilize tapes for the recordings, but with the advent of digital technology, and the improvements that have been made in this field over the years, more and more have started using digital means of recording their security video. We can provide video recorder installation for your system if you are in need. A number of types of recorders are in use today.

The most common type of recording device that is used in these systems today is the digital video record, or the DVR. These are able to save digital files and they can easily organize the digital files by their date, as well as the camera view.

There are a range of channel options available for the DVRs, and there are even different types of DVR systems that are available. Embedded DVRs work with analog CCTV camera inputs and hybrid DVRs are able to work with both digital IP cameras, as well as CCTV cameras. There are PC DVRs, too, which include a computer as a part of the setup for the surveillance system.

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Quality DVRs today make it possible for remote viewing not just through a traditional monitor system, but also through smartphones, tablets, and computers. Many of the DVRs today can support 2K and 1080p HD resolution. This means that the footage that is recorded will be far cleaner and crisper than the security footage that many people are accustomed to.

In addition, there are network video records, or NVRs. These types of recording devices will connect to the same network to which the IP digital cameras are connected. Even when these are not directly connected to the Internet, they can still record. They are often capable of working even when the network is not cooperating. NVR systems tend to have great quality and are able to support up to 4K footage.

One of the major differences between these types of systems is the location at which the encoding takes place. With a DVR, the video will be processed and encoded when it gets to the DVR. With an NVR, on the other hand, the processing and encoding is done when the footage is still at the camera.

It is important that people never overlook the importance of having quality, reliable recorders. The video recorder installation will be just as essential as having all of the other parts of the system installed, since there needs to be a place for the footage to go and be recorded. While there were systems in the past that might have just used monitors and live guards, those days are just about gone. The recorders are essential.