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What sets the FLIR Security Camera apart from its competition is its ability to amalgamate the latest Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) technology, optics and its unparalleled performance of image quality. The combined aforementioned attributes have given FLIR Systems an incredible boost to their reputation and credibility in the Security Camera Market. Take a look at our webpage and the numerous options will surely pique your interest just about enough to make a purchase.

Security Camera Installation:

The FLIR Security Camera Installation process is relatively hassle free and less time consuming than most complex models with several components that you have to attach yourself. However, users are advised to refer to the user manual for that particular model, which features detailed visual guidance to facilitate the Security Camera Installation process.
To summarize the details of the procedure, the cameras can be installed with a digital or analog video output or both for that matter. Analog video will need a connection to an matrix switch specifically for analog video. The camera can be operated using either Power over Ethernet Plus or with a standard 24 Volts Dc Supply. The Ethernet cable should be 100 meters long at most and includes the Power Supply and PoE .

Just a single Ethernet cable from the camera is needed when carrying out installations using IP Video and this power. Whereas in installations using analog video and standard power (24 Volts DC), a three-conductor power cable and a coaxial cable are set up. It is highly recommended but not compulsory that an Ethernet cable should also be installed for operation, troubleshooting and to configure the FLIR Security Camera.

Specifications of the FLIR Security Camera:

With cameras ranging from multi spectral to highly advanced thermal models, FLIR Security Cameras pack quite a punch in the features department. Some of those noteworthy specifications in a standard FLIR Security Camera model which make the best even better are as follows:

2048x1536 sensor resolution

Ability to achieve 3D noise reduction without compromising on quality of image

Motorized lens with auto focus and auto iris

1/2.8’’ BSI CMOS Image Sensor

Focal length=100mm

Infrared distance up to 98 feet (30 meters)

Broad resolution range which can be scaled from D1 right up to Full High Definition

Electrical specifications include 24 volts power supply and 46 Watts power consumption

The Security Camera holds an IP66 rating(Guarded against jets of water and is dust tight as well)

Highly durable in unpleasant weather conditions