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ButterflyMX Intercom

Intercoms are some of the most effective and efficient security measures one can take for their house. But when it comes to protecting ones home, you can always do more. And in this case, you can get the ButterflyMX Intercom for the entire apartment complex. This intercom makes use of advanced technology of the current decade and combines it with an easy to use and powerful application. ButterflyMX is much more than just an intercom, it is a Smartphone app that keeps your apartment safe from intruders. Among a large variety of different of other security gadgets and tech, we also have ButterflyMX Intercoms available for purchase. For more information, visit our website.

ButterflyMX Intercom Features

The ButterflyMX intercom comes jam packed with a variety of state of the art features. These features greatly expand upon the overall user experience and security measures that this intercom offers. The first and most obvious benefit that ButterflyMX offers is the amazing application. The ButterflyMX intercom application is a one stop shop for all the features that the intercom offers.

  • The application separates the tenants from the owners and gives a separate interface to each.
  • The owner will be able to see the people that have entered their building, in terms of both visitors and tenants.
  • They will also be able to update access to the building for certain tenants. So tenants that move out will not be able to go into the building user their old pass code.
  • Owners can also very easily update the directory and information for apartments.

How it works

As for the tenants, they get a slew of features that makes entering and exiting the complex a breeze, and gives them more control over their safety.

Tenants can review door release logs, and find out who went out and when thanks to date and time stamps.

Tenants can also review all of the visitors that made their way into the building.

Tenants can also video call each other to gain access, as well as give their family and friends virtual keys to give them access in the building.

Tenants also have the option to revoke this pass at any time.

Finally, if the visitor does not come in, they can leave a message to a specific tenants, which the tenant can review later through the app.

ButterflyMX Intercom Installation

The best part of ButterflyMX intercoms is that they have no installation as compared to other intercoms. Everything happens digitally, and all they will need to add is a server and a digital lock connected to that server. This saves both the owner and the tenant the time, hassle, and the noise of getting an intercom installed. ButterflyMX manages to be the most accessible and efficient security system that an apartment complex could have or need. The app manages to forgo more conventional intercoms, and relies completely on the application.