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Pelco Security Cameras

Pelco security is a name synonymous with security solutions around the world. Pelco security cameras are revered as some of the best in the industry, as they have managed to revolutionize the industry with their amazing features. Pelco is also known around the world for possibly the most diverse selection of security cameras fit for every occasion and location. From casinos to schools and universities, you can rest assured that Pelco has security cameras for all of them. And if you are looking for a good Pelco camera, we have a wide selection of Pelco security cameras available just for you. Visit our website to learn more.

Pelco Security Camera Features

Pelco offers a wide range of security cameras all with their own perks and features. So, depending on where you want your camera, chances are there is a camera specifically designed for you. Their analog cameras come in various forms, and all mid range ones record at 1080p. The higher end cameras record video at 4k, giving almost unreal visual quality.
Pelco security cameras also have incredibly wide dynamic range that allows it to have very consistent picture quality regardless of the time of day ort light in the area. This makes them especially useful in areas that have very dark location as well as light locations. These cameras also feature microphones that allow for audio in and out as well as better alarm systems.
These security cameras by Pelco are also incredibly durable and robust. Pelco security cameras can endure harsh outdoor conditions and general wear and tear very well, making it ideal in certain weather conditions. All of the cameras also come with their won dedicated SDXC slot to store video when the servers shut down. So you will never experience any down time at all.

Some Pelco Security cameras come with multiple lenses in the same camera which allows for various angles and more detail with a single camera. Getting A Pelco Security camera prepares you for any possible situation that you may face or you can get a camera for very specific situations.

Pelco Security Camera Installation

Another great thing about Pelco security cameras is their installation. Security camera can be incredibly difficult and very taxing, especially when you have no idea what you are doing. Lucky for you though, pelco security cameras have some of the simplest security camera installation in the industry. Almost all of their mid range security cameras come with PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality. This means that simply inserting an Ethernet cable into your security camera is all it will need for power.
On the other hand, higher end models have multiple cables when it comes to security camera installation. That is expected seeing how they have many more features. So if you are to get these higher models, you may need to hire a professional.