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If you have invested in Ridgewood property, you need to ensure that it’s secure from burglary and theft. As properties are expensive in this area, you do not want to fall victim to property crime after making significant investments. To protect your home, business, or office, you can install a top-notch security system with budget-friendly features. Many property owners in Ridgewood are installing an effective security alarm, camera, and intercom system. Furthermore, they are also installing the advanced access control system for maximum security.

We install high-quality security cameras, access control systems, and various features to enhance property protection. You can also upgrade your old security system to a new one and avoid any risk of burglary. Below, you will find some ways in which you can maximize the security around your home.

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Install Security Cameras in Ridgewood

Installing a security camera system will enable you to monitor your home and surroundings from anywhere. You can even report to the nearest police station immediately if you find anyone entering your property without permission. These advanced cameras come with features such as night vision, infrared, and thermal detection. For instance, night vision cameras will allow you to view in the dark. Vandal-proof cameras are weather-resistant, so harsh conditions cannot affect your security system. You can choose among these advanced and budget-friendly options of cameras. Below you will find some high-tech brands that we offer to our clients:

Install Intercom Services in Ridgewood

Intercom is a two-way communication device that you install at the entrance. With an intercom, you only allow authorized personnel to enter the property. For instance, when a person wants to visit you, they will ring the bell. Instead of going to the door, you can chat with the person or ask them for the reason to visit. If you allow them inside your home, you have to press the button, and the door will open immediately. You can also install a video system along with the audio. This will give you the ability to visualize your visitor. Here are some brands of intercoms that we offer:

Install Alarm and Access Control System in Ridgewood

The alarm system is essential in Ridgewood. Not only to get an alert when someone tries to break inside your home but also when you also have some other emergency such as water overflow or fire. Furthermore, with a highly sensitive alarm system, you can get fast alerts.

We offer the best access control system in Ridgewood. This system allows you to operate your security system through a control panel. You can include facial recognition, fingerprinting, codes, and other functions to access the entrance of your home. Here are some brands for an access control system that we are offering our clients: