Telephone Entry Systems

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What Are Telephone Entry Systems?

Essentially, telephone entry systems are handy devices for convenient communication. You install them to your home or apartment’s gate. Visitors will use them to ask for permission for entry. Apartment telephone entry systems contain a call button. This button dials the residential number that you enter in the system.

On the other hand, there is a variety of tenant numbers present in commercial telephone entry systems. Many telephone entry systems like dial pads, telephone boxes, intercoms, and call boxes require you to enter codes on their keypad to stay open for extended periods. [Company Name] has the best range of telephone entry systems out there; make sure to check them out.

If you are looking for gate automation, then these systems are a must-have. Additionally, apartment telephone entry systems eliminate the issue of going to gates to open doors for the visitors. You can do that remotely as well. You will require a gooseneck post for mounting the systems to ensure that visitors do not find difficulty in calling you. They can even call you from their cars with this post. 10 to 12’’ away is the best distance to keep for these posts as it leaves room for cars, letting visitors press the enter button from their windows.

Apartment telephone intercom systems do not need telephone lines dedicated to them for functioning.  Commercial systems, however, need telephone lines as they need to utilize it for contacting a variety of tenants.

Features of Telephone Entry Systems

Several features are present in modern telephone entry systems. All of them add value to these devices to make your place safer. From automated attended and directories to video features, these devices have it all.

Personal Automated Attendant

There are times when no one is available in the apartment. In these cases, apartment telephone entry systems make sure that your visitors do not leave high and dry. Its convenient voice prompt feature gives several options to the visitor ranging from leaving voice mail to choosing a different extension.

Dial by Name

The telephone entry systems allow quick calling by letting you choose the three first letters of the first or last names of the host.

Music on Hold

Tunes to play for callers who are on hold are useful for any communication device. Most telephone entry systems allow users to upload or choose songs that will play when someone is on hold. This eliminates boredom and reduces the chances of visitors hanging up if you are late to receive their calls. It is a powerful tool that might seem meaningless in the beginning.

Automated Directory

The automated attendant lets you search the extension of the contact you are calling. Apartment telephone systems have phone directories that route calls to specific destinations.

Video Option

Most telephone entry systems these days also have video features. Besides listening to your guests, you can look at them too. This added benefit gives you extra security. Telephone entry systems with camera are becoming extremely common these days. So much so, that in the coming years, they will leave audio systems behind.

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Benefits of Telephone Entry Systems

Owning a telephone entry system saves you from potential security risks. Installing it is easy, be it on your house’s gate or the rooms inside it. Communication becomes simple through this device, and the convenience it offers you is second to none.


Simplicity and security are what apartment telephone entry systems are all about. They are easy and quick to use, and some of them even allow you to see who is standing on your entranceway. You can operate your gates automatically, which is an added benefit that previous telephone or intercom security systems did not have.


They Are Capable of Working with Different Doors and Systems: Apartment doors aren’t the only ones that can benefit from telephone entry systems. Revolving doors and gates are also a couple of options where these devices come in handy. You can install it on virtually any door type. The scalability of these devices is what makes them so popular. Huge complexes, small buildings, businesses, etc, all these places are better off with having telephone entry systems for their security.

Video Features Bring Extra Security

Although telephone systems with intercoms are sufficient, video features add more depth to them. Having a live feed of video surveillance tightens security and offers you more control on who can access your place.