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Sony Security Camera

Sony is one of the biggest brands in the world when you talk about cameras. From selling consoles to creating amazing movies, Sony has expanded into a household name. But while many know them for their games and home appliances, not many know them of their incredible security cameras. And among a variety of other security products, we also offer a wide range of Sony Security cameras. These Sony Security Cameras are great for any business of any size, so get yours today at our website.

Sony Security Camera Features

Sony security cameras come with state of the art features that rival even the best security cameras. Most Sony security cameras feature a dedicated SD slot that allows footage to save instantly. However, the best and most common feature Sony security cameras offer is its Power over Ethernet capabilities. Power over Ethernet allows for incredibly easy security camera installation, but more on this later.
Sony is a company that has also made a name for itself among the professional camera community. With their extensive knowledge and experience with amateur and professional cameras, Sony’s security cameras have incredible video quality. All of their cameras record at 1080p, and some of the higher end models even record at 4k 60fps. Most mid-range security cameras record video at 30fps. Other features for these security cameras include a CMOS sensor as well as intelligent motion sensor technology.
The CMOS sensor makes these cameras more affordable, without compromising on the overall quality of the image. And the most significant benefit that all mid range and high end Sony security cameras share is the tampering alarm. These cameras are able to detect attempts at disrupting or vandalizing the cameras such as spray painting or screen covering.

These features combined make Sony security cameras a must have for any company of any size. These cameras offer a wide range of features to people who have experience with security cameras, as well as those without.

Sony Security Camera Installation

Installing a security camera can be quite a hassle, especially if you are someone new to the process. Sony understands this conundrum, and has opted to have all of their cameras come with the POE feature. Power over Ethernet is one of the best features to come in security cameras today. This feature allows you to easily install the security camera without having to go through the tedious process of connecting different wires. Just place your security camera and insert the Ethernet cable, which connects to your system and voila, your camera is up and running.
These cameras use a very simple plug and play mechanism in them that makes them accessible to anyone that want to ensure safety in their workplace. Sony shows that Security camera installation doesn’t have to be a chore, and instead is as easy as plugging a mouse into a computer.