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AIPHONE Intercom

Customers expect safety and security in today’s digital age. The fact that both of these aspects are in scarce supply is pitiful. This is where Aiphone comes in the picture. By engaging Aiphone’s services, you can sleep in peace knowing well that the Aiphone Intercom has your back. By blending both style and substance, this Intercom is undisputedly better than most of the protection systems out in the market. Visit our website to explore the fleet of our Aiphone Intercom models or get in touch with one of our Aiphone representatives in select retail stores who will be more than happy to assist you with your queries.

Aiphone Intercom Installation

The Aiphone Intercom Installation might be a slight struggle for those who are technologically challenged. This is because several components and hardware have to be set up all over the house and subsequently linked through the Video Management System. You require a moderate level of expertise to achieve the aforementioned tasks. However, this problem is considerably mitigated, thanks to the instruction manual, which comes in the Aiphone Intercom packaging unit.

The manual comprises various illustration diagrams clearly laying out the whole installation and configuration process. An alternate course of action is engaging the services of any Aiphone representative who will set up everything for you at your place. This however is a not a complimentary service and you will be charged.

Features of Aiphone Intercom

Aiphone prides itself for packing features aplenty in all of their Aiphone Intercom models. Some of the features/specifications include:

Easy integration with other systems:

The high level of integration flexibility is a huge plus point for the Aiphone Intercom System. The intercom is easy to integrate and connect with other systems like card reader, network camera, emergency paging etc

Compatible with PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality:

All Aiphone Intercoms are PoE enabled which means a single Ethernet cable plugged in the network camera is all you need to power that device.

A robust entry system:

Aiphone Intercom also features a sophisticated entry system when there is more than a single tenant living in a residential complex. This removes any room for miscommunication between the tenants. Moreover, the system also allows tenants to correspond with each other via the intercom.

Inter- Room Correspondence:

The scope of Aiphone Intercoms is not just confined to gateways and front doors. You can install and configure them inside individual rooms in the house to allow inter room communication.

Durability of outdoor panels:

Aiphone are always very concerned and stringent in ensuring that the Aiphone Intercom outdoor panels do not break down when exposed to detrimental weather conditions. To that end, they carry our rigorous tests on their equipment to gauge its robustness and reliability.