Security Camera System for Hotels

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Benefits of a Hotel Surveillance System

Increased demand for guests and travelers in hotels has made surveillance systems very important. Security cameras are a must for hotels, lodges, and resorts etc. According to NYPD, there was a 19.5% increase in hotel and motel crime rate between 2011 and 2016. It is necessary to ensure the personal security of your guests and the hotel staff. Personal safety and security is the top most priority of guests when they stay in a hotel. You need to make sure no criminal activities are going on in your place, or else your hotel will lose its credibility and popularity.
If you are a hotel owner or hotel manager, you need to ensure the safety of your hotel and the people in it. Monitoring the safety of a place where hundreds or even thousands of people come and go on a regular basis is not easy.
You need to have a top-notch hotel security system working. Want to improve your hotel surveillance system? Get the best surveillance system and services from us. Take a look at how useful hotel surveillance system can be and where you need to install security cameras.

Hotel Security

Hotel security cameras help keep your guests, visitors, and staff safe from theft, assault, or any other criminal activity. A hotel security system must have good surveillance to keep track of visitors and the hotel premises. The 24/7 video surveillance helps you monitor people who come in and leave your hotel.

High Resolution

You need CCTV or IP cameras with high resolution for proper monitoring of your hotel. In case of any theft, break-in, or other criminal act, the culprit can be easily identified.

Lowers the Risk of Defamation

If your hotel has a higher demand than your competitors, your competitors might want to defame your place. Although these cases are not very common, you can’t rule them out. If a crime or accident is staged to defame your hotel, CCTV cameras can come to your rescue.

You Gain Your Customers’ Trust

Even if your hotel is located in the safest neighborhood, you still need a hotel security system. When your guests and visitors see that you maintain a proper and high-quality surveillance system, they are more likely to trust you. They will choose your hotel the next time they have to stay somewhere.

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Prevent Theft

Video surveillance in hotels can help keep burglars and intruders at bay.
Security cameras should be installed in places, like gym and pools, where theft is common.

Where to Install Hotel Security Cameras

  • Hotel security cameras must be installed on all the entrance and the exit points. Cameras on entrances and exit points help in monitoring the people coming in and leaving the hotel.
  • Cameras must be installed on the entrance of all restricted areas. Although hotel cards and other system are designed for such purpose, it is still better to keep the area under surveillance.
  • All public places, like lobbies, pools, meeting rooms, bars, clubs ballrooms, and dining rooms must have security cameras installed.
  • The sensitive places in your hotels that store precious artwork or a safe must be under surveillance.
  • Install security cameras in the parking area. Use high definition quality cameras to view the number plates of the parked vehicles.
  • Install outdoor surveillance cameras. Gardens, walking areas, and other outdoor premises in a hotel must be under surveillance. Install cameras in places that are remote and dark to avoid any criminal activities.
  • Hotel cameras should not be installed in places that require privacy. Hotel rooms, changing rooms, and restrooms should not have any security camera. Rather, cameras should be installed near the entrance of these rooms.

Keep Your Guests Safe

The importance of hotel surveillance systems is increasing with the rising demand for hotels, resorts, and travel lodges. Security cameras are important to monitor the safety of the guests, visitors, and your hotel staff. Security cameras also prevent theft and vandalism. In case of any criminal activity or theft, the CCTV footage helps in identifying the culprit.
A high-quality surveillance system not only keeps your hotel safe but also increases your credibility in the eyes of your customers.