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Comelit Intercoms

Comelit is one of the many famous intercom companies that have managed to stand out, thanks to their excellent customer service and state of the art intercoms. While people might think that an intercom is just a camera hooked up with a microphone and speaker, Comelit couldn’t disagree more. Comelit intercoms go above and beyond consumer expectations in terms of their services and quality. And among other security tech that we sell, we also have an absolutely massive collection of Comelit Intercoms. We also offer intercom installation, so if you are looking for great Comelit intercoms, visit our website to learn more.

Comelit Intercom Installation

Intercom installation can be quite a difficult process that requires a lot of time. And unfortunately there is no quicker process. All of the components will have to be installed into the house and will have to connect to various other parts of the house. And depending on the type of intercom that you will get, there may also be a lot of drilling involved in the intercom installation process. 

However if you only get the intercom without any of the excess security features, it may only take a few hours. But those few hours are well worth the wait, especially for the state of the art intercoms that Comelit offers.

Comelit Intercom Features

Comelit intercoms come with a wide array of features that make them perfect for homes, commercial buildings, etc. Even if you are not tech savvy, using Comelit intercoms doesn’t require any form of experience to operate them. One of the major features that Comelit intercoms have is facial recognition.

Facial recognition is in no way a new feature, as phones of the current decade have had them for years. However, Comelit was one of the first companies to bring this feature to intercoms. By simply showing your face, you can unlock a door. This feature alone is what makes them stand out, and the intercom all the better.

Of course, this is not the only feature that Comelit intercoms come with. Other features include a mobile app and a technologically advanced anti-intrusion system. The mobile app itself is incredibly well made and easy to use. The mobile app itself comes with a variety of features like real time camera streaming. Real time camera streaming shows you what is outside your door with the help of the camera inside the intercom.

The intercom also responds to other commands from the application like unlocking the door and activating or even deactivating sound or video. The indoor motion sensors will always stay active and will not trigger an alarm due to your pets. Pets can be the cause of many false alarms, but lucky for you, Comelit intercoms do not trigger alarms with pets less than 25 kilos.