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Our Vision

Our staff is trained and qualified for any job and our engineers and sales professionals work hand-in-hand to bring successful long-term solutions. We open can adapt our technology and customize our products for specialized applications. Our platform strategy ensures that our products are flexible, scalable and compatible with the leading brands in the industry. Through our advanced technology and engineering skills, Security Camera NY has the technological proficiency capable of designing, installing and supporting a variety of dependable and all inclusive security solutions.

As a system solutions manufacturer for security and surveillance, we supply and install reliable products designed to survive residential and commercial environment. With such a diverse range of clients in the private and commercial industries, we are sure you or your company can benefit from our reliable security solutions.
With practiced systems that satisfy the unchallenging configurations to the most complicated integrated solutions needs of our clients, we are sure to find a structure to suit your needs.

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We achieve this through


We are available 24/7. Our normal business hours are 9am-6pm, but we are available anytime any day for you.


We ensure our staff are fully trained to understand the complexities of many IT environments and infrastructures. With ever-changing technologies, our technicians are sent to a choice of trainings keeping their specialty certifications up date.


We use the latest technology available. Our products integrate to most mobile devices and network systems. We also support older technologies such as Analog DVR's and cameras.


We give one year warranty on parts and labor. Extension warranty is available. Please ask your sales rep for more detail.

Project Consulting

We take pride in our relationships from start to finish establishing a clear understanding of the level of protection youjr company requires. Our relationships are built with the attention and time we give to ensure a full understanding of our client’s needs and concerns prior to commencing a design. Customization is a vital part of our design/build process. We strive to ascertain a cost with a properly integrated system achieving a well-organized blend of technologies.

A best-in-class approach brings together technology from different manufacturers into a solution that precisely meets customers’ & business needs. Part of our corporate culture is to work with open platform manufacturers to integrate our technology and years of experience. Brands we work with:

What Our Customers Have to Say

Edwin F.
Edwin F.Oakland Gardens, Queens, NY
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3/28/2019 These guys are pretty good. Fixed my cameras in my supermarket. Really knew there stuff and maid sure I was satisfied with everything before leaving. Highly recommend
Oren N.
Oren N.Brooklyn, NY
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4/19/2016 I am a principal of a company that owns and manages buildings around Brooklyn and Queens. Working with Avner to set up servailence in several existing buildings was a breeze. Very knowledgeable and fairly priced. Highly recommend Security Camera NY for anyone looking for fast, quality servailence equipment installation.
Jenn C.
Jenn C.Brooklyn, NY
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10/23/2017 I got cameras and an alarm system from Avner and I couldn't be happier with the service. They were able to come the next day and got everything done very quick and the price was very reasonable. I've done my research on cameras as I have been told that some companies just use very low quality cameras BC the customer wouldn't know any better but the cameras they used were very good quality and the images are very clear. Highly recommended.

Security FAQ's

IP cameras connect to a local network via a single Ethernet cable, which transmits power, video and data to and from the camera. Additionally, IP cameras have a unique IP address and can be accessed directly via the network – providing remote access and storage flexibility Analog cameras turn the video signal into a format that can be received by a television or other receiver such as DVR.

Many CCTV Cameras now have the ability to project infrared light using an array of LED illuminators. CCTV security cameras with night vision capabilities allow you to see in total darkness.

Digital Video Recorder- The majority of recording today is done by DVRs, it saves digital files that take up very little space and transmissions can be easily organized by date and camera view. DVRs are available in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channels.

A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a building or other area. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.

These are similar to the dome cameras, but they have a few more features. The rotating head camera looks like a dome, but instead, there is a small lens that can be manoeuvred around and Zoomed in or out by remote control, Smartphone, Mouse or remote computer.