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What Is an Audio Intercom System?

Also known as a door or talk back phone, an audio intercom is a system for standalone voice communication. You can use them in apartments and homes without hassle. An audio intercom system offers two-way communications. It contains circuitry for transmitting audio, and in some cases, video. Digital audio intercoms allow people to listen to the speaker, who is present in a different area. If you are looking for one, get in touch with Security Camera NY to get the best intercom on offer.

Considered as the central hub of technology for the future, intercoms these days come with a variety of settings for building management and communication. Intercoms of today even offer unparalleled audio communication features, something, which was impossible 5 or 6 years ago. Several styles of intercoms are available these days. Some are complicated to use, while others are extremely simple. Audio intercom, digital-audio intercom, audio intercom system for home, audio intercom system for apartments, multi-tenant, and integrable intercoms are among a few famous types.

Digital Audio-Intercom Features

Digital audio-intercoms these days come with several handy features. From monitoring to conducting multiple simultaneous conversations, they can do it all.

1. Convert Monitoring
Corrective services environments and prisons are the places for which manufacturers developed the convert monitoring feature initially. The background noise in prisons increased significantly in the past few years because of changes in prisoner cells. Monitoring conversations covertly became increasingly difficult because of this. Most digital-audio intercoms have noise cancellation features (acoustic) for covertly monitoring cell conversations. The convert monitor feature achieves this by lowering the sample audio by 30 dB.

2. Music Distribution
You can stream music and audio across multiple channels. You will have channel selection, audio control, and distribution control. It is a perfect feature for entertainment.

3. Remote Mode
If the master station of your home audio intercom system is set on remote mode, all of the active calls that you will receive will go to its parent station. This hierarchical system gives the power of call transferring in the hands of the operator. He/She can transfer calls to a central location if it is unattended, especially during after hours.

4. Call Recording
Virtually every top audio intercom system is capable of recording audio. These intercoms are fully capable of capturing audio from virtually every call in the intercom’s system. You will receive digital channel outputs and multiple simultaneous analogs for date and time stamp logins.

5. Multiple Simultaneous Conversions
The system architecture present in IP communications helps to promote numerous calls between the intercom endpoints and their masters simultaneously depending on the network’s working master stations. This simultaneous function keeps things safe and helps you to keep track of all activities.

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Benefits of an Audio Intercom System for Home

Plenty of steps are there for you to take for making your house secure, but none are as efficient and effective as installing an Audio intercom system for home. It provides great value for money, has great technological value and some models are even integratable with devices like phones, laptops, and tablets.

Incorporates Audio and Video Management

As mentioned earlier, these days, intercoms are not limited to audio; they offer video as well. Video and audio configuration options are simple and straightforward in most intercoms. It adds an extra layer of security, whichwas not present in earlier digital audio-intercom versions.

Technological Value

Because of the I.P revolution in the previous years, intercoms have undergone various changes (for the better). Older intercoms needed to be connected in close proximity and were very limited in their features. Newer ones, however, make things remarkably easier. You can connect them in long distances and still be able to monitor audio, with the added benefit of long-distance communication in real-time.

High Customization

Today’s intercoms are extremely different from conventional ones. You can adjust their specifications according to your convenience. Most I.P intercoms give you the option of forwarding doorbells to other numbers that you add as alternatives. Moreover, the quality is also better, and you can hear every audio with details

Highly Convenient

In the latest intercom systems, you do not need to go to your home audio-intercom every time it rings. You can integrate them to your devices and directly speak to the person at your door and choose whether you should provide them access or not.