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Pelham Bay is a peaceful neighborhood in New York. It is most famous for having the largest recreational park in NY. Moreover, you will find the best schools and real estate in Pelham Bay. It borders Thruways, Parkways, and Expressways. Moreover, if you are looking to rent an apartment in NYC, Pelham Bay offers a great selection for you to rent out a house of your choice. This Bronx County’s neighborhood has an urban lifestyle and many amenities, recreational spots, coffee shops, modern bars, and restaurants.

While it’s a safe place to live and work, it’s important to keep your home’s and/or office’s security updated in Pelham Bay. Call our company to install the latest security cameras, alarm systems, and intercoms in your house and/or commercial spaces here in Pelham Bay today.

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Security Camera Installation Services

It is essential to have security cameras installed in your home to reduce the risk of burglary, theft, etc., in Pelham Bay. What’s even more important is to only go for only the best security camera installation services providers. In this case, we have you covered and offer modern security cameras with the latest features. Do you wish to repair & upgrade an existing security camera system in your household? Contact our experts any time of the day and discuss what security camera is best for your residential or commercial premises. Here’s what we offer:

Intercom Installation Services

Intercom devices are also integral to the overall security of a household. You can check who is at your doorstep before you open the door using an intercom. We understand that you need top-quality intercom installation services and solutions that are completely hassle-free. We aim to make our customers’ lives safer and better in NYC. That’s why we offer the best security system installation and intercom installation services in Pelham Bay to ensure safety. Besides, you can always obtain repair & upgrade services from us. Furthermore, here are the intercom types that we can install in your home or office:

Alarm System Installation Services

It is important to address all the security concerns in your residence and commercial premises, including fire emergencies. We offer our alarm system installation services to keep you worry-free and upgrade the security of your household. Our alarm systems integrated with security cameras and intercom systems offer maximum security in case anyone tries to break into your house. The alarm sirens go off and automatically ring 911 when you have an emergency. Door sensors, fire-alarm protection, and window-proximity sensors improve the overall security. Do you require instant repair & upgrade services for your alarm systems? Call us and discuss your options with one of our experts today. Some of the common alarm types that we offer include: