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Leedan Intercoms

Intercoms gave very much become a necessity in the modern age, and almost every house has some form of intercoms present. Whether it be wired intercoms, wireless intercoms, video intercoms, or just plain audio ones, they are very important. And even one without the bells and whistles of the current generation can prove to be very effective in protecting your house. And few companies hold a candle to the sheer quality in wired intercoms of Leedan intercoms. Among a large array of security products that we have available, we also have a large collection of the Leedan intercoms. Looking for the right Leedan intercom, explore our website to learn more.

Leedan Intercom Installation

When it comes to installation, intercoms can be a real pain. Intercom installation can take multiple hours, and can be very loud leading to disturbances. But when it comes to Leedan Intercoms, the installation is minimal and the payoff is huge. Their wired intercoms ensure that no one from the outside will be able to hack into your intercom.

The intercom installation process for their products is also very straight forward and quick. They use a set of wires to and it can all be done within an hour with a team of experts. This goes for both audio specific intercoms as well as video intercoms. As for lobby panels, they may take a little longer to install.

Leedan Intercom Functions

Intercoms have changed greatly over the years. Some intercoms come as part of an overall security package connected to other motion sensors and what not. Some come alone, but with a vast array of features and applications. Moreover, almost all intercoms now come in a wireless form to save up ion installation times and the overall hassle. And while these wireless intercoms are surely more functional than most others are, one problem, they can always be hacked.

Another problem that plagues wireless intercoms is that they rely too much on a digital interface, and a wide array of glitches and bugs can stop the intercoms from functioning properly. But lucky for you, Leedan intercoms don’t deal in wireless intercoms. They solely work on wired intercoms and for good reason.

Leedan intercoms have some of the best audio quality in the market and their wiring for intercoms i9s efficient and effective. However, they don’t only offer apartment intercoms, they also offer lobby panels and emergency call systems among other things.

But if you are someone who insists on a more modern intercom, well Leedan intercoms have you covered. With their two easy video intercom system, they offer wired video intercom kits that can give you live feed of the camera installed at the door. They have a wide selection of panels and screens for you to choose from in terms of functionality and how they look.