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What is Mobile Device Intercom?

Mobile device intercom system connects to your data network or Wi-Fi connection. Security Camera NY offers intercom system for a single house or a multi-tenant building or a company. We offer New York City’s best smartphone intercoms, which you can easily access through your smartphone. Get a mobile device intercom so that you can have access and control of your property on the go.

Equipment of Smartphone Intercom

Here is what you need to run your smartphone intercom:

  • Outdoor panels including camera, push-button, IP camera, microphone, speaker, earpiece, electronic lock release
  • An app on your smartphone which integrates with the intercom system
  • Cellular or wifi network

Benefits of Using a Smartphone Intercom

Smartphone intercom or wifi intercom is an innovation in the intercom and door monitoring system. There are many benefits of using a mobile device intercom.

  • Easy Installation: The installation of smartphone intercom is very easy. All you need to do is to attach your intercom with your smartphones, after which you can easily communicate.
  • Easy Acess: Mobile device intercom allows you to open a locked door from anywhere. You can even restrict visitors to ring the bell when you don’t want to be disturbed for a certain time.
  • Integration of Wifi Connection: The mobile app for smartphone intercom easily runs on your wifi and cellular data connection. The wifi intercom for home is cost-effective and very convenient to manage your door monitoring system.
  • Other Options for Managing Intercom System: You are not only restricted to your mobile for managing the intercom system. Our best video IP intercom for door station involves both outdoor and indoor panels. And you can integrate your smartphone, laptop or both with the IP intercom system. You can even attach your intercom systems on multiple smartphones for sharing the security and monitoring among your family members (for home) or trusted colleagues (for the workplace).


How Does a Mobile Device Intercom Work?

When a visitor presses your doorbell, you will receive a message on your smartphone-intercom app. The local intercom server passes the message to the cloud server and then to your smartphone. Our intercom servers have a built-in function that inform the presence of a visitor and allows you to unlock the door in a blink of the eye.
Your smartphone app opens up a channel that allows communication between you and the visitor. You then have an option to see and talk to the visitor and let them inside after releasing the electric lock.
You don’t have to be in your home or office to monitor and allow visitors through your entrances. This is also why you can add another smartphone user to monitor and have access on the intercom system in your absence.

We work with top brands such as Aiphone, Comelit, ABB, DoorBird and Leedan.

Mobile Device Intercom for Single Door or Large Units

Smartphone intercom is available for your house, multi-tenant units or a company. The basic working of the mobile device intercom is the same. However, there are some differences in working for each system and the way you need to manage and access the intercom system.

Single Door Intercom

The IP video intercom for single door comes in variety of equipment. You can choose a typical video-call equipment or a sleek compact intercom device that would look sophisticated on your door entrance. The working of the single door is the same as mentioned previously.

Intercom for Apartments or Large Buildings

We have options for intercom of large building with a touch screen that allows user to contact with the listed person of that corporation or the tenant. The intercom panel provides effective communication through video to the tenants. With a touch screen, it is very easy and quick to get in touch to a specific corporate department or the tenant’s house. Then the selected person can open the door through their smartphone.
The features like the LCD touchscreen and a friendly graphical interface provide easy and quick communication both ways.