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What is a Butterfly Intercom?

A Butterfly intercom system is a unique and highly secured entrance system with smartphone integration. It features a touch screen at the building entrance. The system comprises of an IP camera, built-in microphone, and a directory. The butterfly intercom system is perfect for your resident or corporate office, providing you easy and smart control to the door access. Contact us and get a butterfly intercom system to manage your door entrances the next-generation way.

How does it work?

Butterfly intercom offers a smart intercom system allowing you to unlock and manage your entrance door through your smartphone. Here’s the working of Butterfly intercom system in brief. The intercom system has virtual keys for visitor access.

When the visitor pushes the call button on the intercom’s touch screen at the outside panel; the intercom will automatically connect to your PMS and Proptech amenities. This will notify your smartphone through the intercom app. You will be able to connect and view the visitor. You can easily talk to them and unlock the access to let them in.

Features of a Butterfly Intercom

The following features of the butterfly intercom make it super-quick, smart, manageable and secure for your place.

Resident Features

Butterfly Intercom is designed for modern living. The resident features provide huge convenience and safety to the people. Through your smartphone you can easily view, start a voice or video chat to the virtual. You can also use virtual keys to family members, trusted visitors and guests for their easy access. Resident directory butterfly intercom allows you to create a directory of selected people in the building to which the visitor can directly contact.

Manageable Features

Butterfly intercom systems are not only for single homes but for multi-residential tenant units as well. The property managers can easily control and manage the visitor’s entry and restrict the property access and update resident directory through their smartphones.

Developer Features

Butterfly intercom system does not involve the complex building wiring system and installing in-unit hardware. So, butterfly intercom is cheaper in terms of both installation and maintenance, especially for muti-resident units.

We work with top brands such as Aiphone, Comelit, ABB, DoorBird and Leedan.

Benefits of using a Butterfly Intercom

Following are the benefits of using a Butterfly Intercom over a regular intercom system.


Manage and access through the smartphone.
Video and voice chat with the visitor.
Maintains your privacy. You can easily avoid unwanted visitor by viewing them and not answering the intercom.
Virtual key issuance for family members and trusted employees. No need to keep a manual key that can get lost or stolen. You don’t have to grant the trusted visitors access again and again.


Resident directory feature directly connects the visitor to the desired person in the building
You can access and manage the security of your door from any part of the world (you must have an internet connection though)
The system is well secured and cannot be easily tampered.