Access Control System Installation

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Access Control System

We offer a wide variety of Access Control system options, with a solution for every need and budget, from single family homes to multi tenant apartments & small business to large corporations.  Access control systems are the right choice for protecting a home or business and to monitor and control access to your property. We offer stand alone access control devices that work with codes, key fobs and or fingerprints.

Keypad/Code Access Control Systems

Keypad/Code Access Control Systems are also very popular and are ideal for homes and businesses. In a keypad system, the lock is electronic and is synchronized with the keypad and programmed to recognize a specific code. Once the code is correctly punched in, the lock will release.

Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric Access Control Systems are the most technologically-advanced access control systems. There are a few options when it comes to a biometric system such as:

Hand and finger geometry are analyzed by placing a finger or hand on the sensor. The sensor then takes one or more pictures and compares this to the images on file, closely examining proportions and patterns.

Iris Scanning
Iris scans are completed with the aid of a digital camera, which takes a picture and then finds reference points within the original recording. The odds of mistaking one iris for another is one in 10 to the seventieth power. Those are pretty decent odds!

Key Fob/Proximity Card Reader Access Control Systems

Key Fob/Proximity Card Reader Access Control Systems are the best option if you are looking for a basic, simple and easy to use system. The locks are unlocked by using an electronic key which would be either your key fob or proximity card and just swiping or inserting into reader.

We work with top brands such as Rosslare and Virdi