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Located in the northeastern part of the North Shore of Long Island, Syosset is a delightful neighborhood to live in. The community is considered to be the best in NYC. Syosset provides the rural-free environment to its residents, where most of the residents own their homes. Having the nest of amenities, Syosset offers various shops, cafes, parks, and other recreational areas.

The place is also best known for its top-rated public schools. Enjoy the peaceful environment of Syosset with NYC’s best security camera services. We aim to provide security solutions to your homes, business, and private property to ensure your premises are safe and have maximum protection. Contact us today to get the best security camera, intercom, and alarm system installation services at your disposal.

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Security Camera Installation Services

When you install our security cameras, you stay worry-free as you can monitor your premises 24/7. Our security camera solutions offer the best security solution to your homes, commercial properties, and businesses. Our exclusive range of security cameras has a variety to fit your security needs and budget.

Why Get Our Security Camera Services?

Unlike old CCTV cameras, the security cameras we provide are equipped with Internet Protocol technology. Our security cameras feature a high-quality lens and high-resolution power to give you an ultimate security surveillance experience.

You can integrate your security system with a smartphone to view and keep a check on your indoor and outdoor surroundings from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection.) Here is the range of our security cameras:

  • Digital IP camera
  • Outdoor camera
  • Nanny (hidden) camera
  • Night vision camera
  • PTZ camera
  • Vandal-proof camera
  • Infrared camera

Intercom Installation Services

A premium-quality Intercom system allows you to monitor and control the security of your premises. With our audio and video intercom, you can get alerts, and see and speak to your guests, visitors, and delivery person without going to your door. You can integrate your intercom system with your smartphone, allowing you to open the door by accessing your smartphone, from anywhere at any time. If you have an outdated intercom system, we will upgrade it with the latest features and technology. Following are the types of intercoms from our diverse range:

Alarm System Installation

Whether you are head of the family, a business owner, or property owner, your job is to ensure the security and protection of your family members, work staff, or tenants. With remote system security locks and smart automation features, we offer top-notch alarm system installation. Have an alarm system that needs to upgrade? We are here for all the installation and repair of alarm systems for your homes, apartment, offices, and business. The following are the types of alarm system from our diverse range: