Private Property Security Camera

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How to Secure Your Private Property

Private properties and residential home can attract burglars or even criminals. Our surveillance cameras, including thermal cameras for your property, provide 24/7 protection. Our top-notch surveillance system has high-security features including quick alarm system and intruder detection to protect your property up to several kilometers. The surveillance system has an instant visual verification to help you identify and report any breach of your property’s safety and privacy. Contact us to get NYC’s best surveillance camera system for your private property.

Private Property Camera Security Solutions

Security camera solutions offer a range of cameras to strengthen and maximize your property’s security.

Night-Vison Camera

Most of the cases of theft, intrusion, and vandalism to the property happen when it is dark. Our night camera vision offers clear quality image and video surveillance where you can easily identify and detect any intruder or criminal even when it is dark.

Pan –Tilt –Zoom Camera/ PTZ Camera

PTZ camera is an innovation to your property’s surveillance system. It has a rotating head for maximum coverage and a special lens to zoom in and zoom out when you have to monitor the surrounding of your property. You can also set a PTZ camera for rotations at any specific time of the day. If a vandal reaches out to your property in your absence, seeing a rotating camera can make them keep away from your property.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras combine thermal and visible light security imaging to provide premium means of protection to your property. Thermal cameras translate the thermal energy into the visble light to analyze and view a certain object or scenario. A thermal camera is best for complete darkness as it can detect body movement and heat and can display it. No matter how clever the theif or criminal is to hide in the dark, they cannot get away from being caught by the thermal camera.

Where is it illegal to install security cameras on private property?

It is your fundamental right to secure your property with surveillance cameras. However, there are certain spots where unauthorized camera installation is illegal.

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Areas Prohibited for Surveillance Cameras

State regulations do not allow the installation of a camera where people expect privacy like changing rooms, bathrooms, hotel/ motel rooms, and locker rooms.

How much Your Surveillance Camera can Cover the Neighbouring Property?

There can be legal issues regarding the act of trespassing when your surveillance cameras cover too much of your neighbor’s house. But the state does not strictly prohibit if your neighbor’s front yard or the property is in view to your surveillance cameras. We are well aware of the laws regarding the property and its securities. We strategically install security surveillance cameras to give your property maximum coverage under surveillance without exposing your neighbor property too much.
You can even install signboard for indicating the presence of a surveillance camera in your neighborhood to avoid such issues. Installing a camera at the side-walk next to your home can provide maximum coverage and would bring in to your neighbor’s property only in a limited view.

Benefits of Surveillance Systems for Your Private Property

The advantages of installing security surveillance cameras in and around your private property are many.

  • You do not have to overly worry about your property when you are away. You can even integrate your smartphone with your surveillance system and monitor your property from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.
  • Investing in sophisticated PTZ camera and Thermal camera can maximize the security of your property and is very effective in keeping away burglars and criminals.
  • The security of your property plays an important role in paying your insurance. Investing in good security camera solution would help reducing the cost of your insurance policy. Your property is safe from any theft or burglary, making it less likely for you to make a claim and reducing the cost.
  • Our top-notch and high definition IP cameras will help in the reporting and investigation of crime scene if it happens within the proximity of your property.
  • Our security surveillance system require very little maintenance.