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Hikvision Security Camera

By bringing smart intelligence, expediency and effectiveness to the realm of video surveillance, the Hikvision Security Camera ticks all the right check boxes for the customer. It captures high quality images and outstanding video footage across a spectrum of lighting conditions while reducing bandwidth requirements and lowering storage expenditures. Our cameras are a perfect choice for various applications in several industries including health, transportation, logistics and so forth. If you seek a perfect balance between value and performance, go to our website and purchase your camera.

Features of the Hikvision Security Camera:

Boasting a plethora of cutting edge features, the Hikvision Security Camera stands head and shoulders above the run-of-the mill cameras in the market nowadays. These features include amongst others:

⦁ Supports 1920 × 1080 footage at 60 frame rates per second
⦁ A fixed lens (2.8 millimeters/4 millimeters/6 millimeters)
⦁ Supports  a wide range of codecs for compression of main and sub streams (H.264+, H.264,H.265 and H.265+)
⦁ Operating Supply Voltage is 12 Volts
⦁ Offers 3D digital noise reduction while producing remarkable footage in place where lightning is low.
⦁ The pan and tilt range is 360 degrees and -15 degrees to 90 degrees respectively.

⦁ A Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) OF 120 decibels
⦁ High end Hikvision Security Cameras feature an Infrared range up to an impressive 200 meters
⦁ Includes  3 axis adjustment
⦁ Able to resist inclement weather owing to highly durable material used for manufacturing.
⦁ 2 years warranty with 1 year extended warranty at an economical price.

Steps for Security Camera Installation and integration with monitor:

Note: Kindly use the following steps in conjunction with the user manual for better understanding of the Security Camera Installation procedure.

Place the power supply in an ideal location (An ideal location should be in close proximity to a power outlet and the monitor)

Run the cables from the selected camera positions to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Prepare the camera end cables for connection. This encompasses stripping down the wires and connecting the connectors.

Install the cameras in their appropriate locations. This will be done using the screws and installation kit

Connect the cables to cameras.

Prepare the cables on the side of the Digital Video Recorder and connect them to the DVR.

Connect the monitor to the DVR’s port for video output with the help of standard video output wires.

Carry out a trial run and if the installation has been done correctly, the cameras should send out a stable and clear live video feed to the Digital Video Recorder and the feed should viewable on the monitor.

On the surface, the process may seem simple, but it is best to call us for professional installation so your security camera works 100%.