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AXIS Security Camera

Customers looking for a camera have become extremely difficult to please in a market where the bar is set exceedingly high. However, you don’t have to look any further than the AXIS Camera range.  From delicate products for sensitive surroundings to durable outdoor cameras, AXIS offers it all. The AXIS Security Camera models are a prime example of top of the line quality surveillance solutions as they are tailored to meet the needs of just about every customer. Moreover the AXIS Security Camera is recognized for its innovation, quality, operation and hassle free installation. If you are seeking a camera for protection purposes, head to our website and purchase your very own gadget today!

AXIS Security Camera Installation

The X factor for the camera is unquestionably the straightforward AXIS Security Camera installation procedure, which saves a lot of time. This is primarily because the user manual for all models are very detailed in the written and visual guidance that they provide on installation procedure followed by configuration steps for that camera model . Also the individual components in the packaging box are few so not much is spent in attaching items together. A standard packaging box includes the AXIS Security Camera, a screwdriver, wall bracket, a 4 pin connecting block (primarily used for connecting external devices) and the user manual for that particular AXIS model.

With the help of some Youtube videos and the comprehensive user manual, you will have your AXIS Security Camera up and running in no time!

AXIS Security Camera Features

The AXIS Security Camera boasts many noteworthy features, which strike the customer’s fancy. Some of the more prominent attributes include:

It delivers flawless HDTV image quality. The quality of the images and footage captured by the AXIS Security Camera is second to none. Moreover this is accomplished regardless of the dimensions of the monitored areas and lightning conditions

It provides wide area coverage, which is incredibly useful to monitor several activities and detect incidents/happenings in large areas without compromising on footage quality.

The AXIS Security Camera holds an IP66 and IP67 rating, which in layman terms means that the camera is weatherproof and waterproof. This comes as no surprise owing to the robust materials utilized to manufacture the camera

All cameras in the product line are MicroSD card supported. This basically means that if you would like to take high resolution photos only and don’t want to compromise on read and write speeds either, the AXIS Camera is what you need to buy!

The cameras have a very powerful zoom lens allowing the user to zero in on a particular object without image and pixel distortion.

The AXIS Security Camera models usually have a 3 year warranty from the date of purchase.