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Rosslare Access Control System

You have to pay attention to security whether you are a homeowner or an owner of a commercial building. The most common security measure that companies have to take is access control system. And no company quite compares to the sheer efficiency and accessibility of control systems by Rosslare. Rosslare is a famous security company better known for its amazing access control systems. Among the various other products that we have available, we also have a wide range Rosslare access control systems for purchase. So, if you are looking for the best that Rosslare can offer in terms of access control systems, be sure to explore the many options from the company on our website.

Rosslare Access Control System Installation

Rosslare access control systems are known not only for their accessible yet effective access control systems, but also for their easy installation. All of their access control systems, especially the higher end ones, are incredibly simple to install and use. Furthermore, these controllers also connect effortlessly and work great along with any security system that you may have installed.

However, some of the lower cost models can be quite the hassle to install, requiring a ton of wiring in order for them to operate effectively. So, depending on what product you buy, you may require an expert’s help in setting up your Rosslare Access control System.

Rosslare Access Control System Features

Access control systems are without a doubt one of the most important parts of any security system. And no access control system quite lives up to the amazing standards of Rosslare’s access control systems. Nearly all of their access control systems have 3 security levels.

The three security levels (bypass, pin/card, pin + card), greatly improve security in any company, whether it be big or small.

All of their controllers are backlit, allowing for proper use even in the dark.

Their goPROX series is the most accessible and affordable controller in the market.

It can automatically detect whether it should work as a reader or as a standalone controller. This makes it great for residential use or for smaller companies.

And though pins and RFID card readers are quite an outdated form of security, it is great for smaller and more direct use.

Their higher end models allow for both face and fingerprint recognition, and depending on the level of security, you can program the controller to take both a fingerprint scan and a facial scan.

These higher end models also have a much faster processor and memory for high-speed validation.

They can also operate in wide thermal range, -20°C to 60°C.

Most of the higher end products can also manage up to 100,000 users, and connect to a wide network of about 2000 readers.