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Nothing speaks of American beauty quite like the Bergen County in New Jersey. It is one of the most eye-catching areas in the U.S. However, imagine living in a place that is all-beautiful but is just as unsafe. You wouldn’t want to spend time worrying especially when you have a lot to handle. One of the easiest ways of tackling this problem is going for a security camera or system installation. Making this decision can help you reduce your problems and ensure that you have a peaceful living experience.

There are plenty of options for anyone who wants to elevate their security measures. You can always go for the extensive approach by installing products such as an intercom or an alarm in your building. You can find plenty of options for your security system but not every company is reliable. If you are unsure about whom you can reach out to for your security system installation, know that Security Camera NY installation is always here for you.

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Security Camera NY offers the widest range of security essentials for all its customers. Some of our prime products and services include the intercom, an alarm installation, or a simple security camera to ensure that you are safe at all times. You can always stay satisfied with your security concerns once you reach out to our professionals for these installations through our site.

Security Camera Installation

Security camera systems are a classic security measure that you see in most houses, commercial areas, and industries. We, at Security Camera NY, recognize these cameras as a key player in security assurance, which is why we offer the best security camera installations for our customers. These cameras are an absolute necessity because they allow you to have round-the-clock surveillance wherever you are. We take our security camera installation tasks seriously to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for.

These cameras ensure that you can keep an eye on your houses or your offices no matter where you are. You would not need to worry about it while you are out of town for a business meeting or on a fun vacation with family. You can monitor all your cameras from anywhere you want, once you let us install them for you.

Security Camera NY recognizes the individual needs of all our customers, which is why we offer the widest range of options for our camera installation services. You can choose from various camera types like night cameras, infrared cameras, vandal-proof cameras, Digital IP cameras outdoor security cameras, hidden cameras, etc. You can add these cameras to your house in any way you want. Our security camera installation range ensures that you get excellent security round the clock. You can go for a standard camera if you want vigilance in the day or go for an infrared one for nighttime. It solely depends on what you want and the price you are ready to pay.

Types of Security Cameras

Digital Cameras

Our Digital cameras, also known as the IP address cameras are the most popular pick by our customers for security camera installations. These may sound like a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera but works quite differently if you think about it. These digital cameras are high-resolution pieces that allow you to control and monitor them in real-time over the internet via their IP addresses.

Vandal Camera

Nothing is more annoying than needing to install cameras all over your buildings over and over again. There are plenty of external hazards like weather issues, which often damage the cameras while they survey an area. Most of the traditional cameras are unfit for outdoor installation, which is why Security Camera NY brings you the best solution for it.

Our vandal camera is the best solution for anyone looking for a long-term security camera because it has a dome shape cover over it. The dome shape protects the camera from external damage and the durable camera inside. Customers can also choose to install the lens of the camera inside which makes it even better for a safe solution to the problem.

PTZ Camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras are a step higher than traditional cameras. These cameras allow users to view the designated areas in higher quality and with far more precision. You can also tilt and move the cameras around to give you maximum surveillance area. Thus, a single PTZ Camera can nearly do twice of a standard camera. All you need to do is pick the right spot and the PTZ Camera will do the rest of the work for you.

These PTZ cameras offer maximum control and monitoring options because they allow remote surveillance so that you can view them whenever you want. The PTZ cameras also allows users to zoom into the picture to get a clearer view.

Night Vision Cameras

Security threats are much higher at night and in the dark. We, at Security Camera NY, know this. Therefore, we offer the best night vision cameras or infrared cameras. Infrared light is not visible to the naked eye, which makes it a great option for anyone looking for security at night. The infrared light fills the area with bright light during the night, making it easier for the camera to make an image. However, these cameras can produce a grayscale image only.

Video Recorders

If you do not like carrying video cassettes and recording the Digital Video Recorders (DVR) is just what you need. These video recorders are available in four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two, and sixty-four channel options that help you get maximum control and recording coverage. It may sound too technical but our experts at Security Camera NY will ensure all your video recording troubles are over.

We believe in ending all of our customer reservations to make sure they are happy with us. We have a professional-only policy, meaning that our products comefrom professional companies like Dahua, HikVision, Samsung, Sony, Pelko, Geo Vision, Flir, and AXIS. You can check these products on our website now!

Our Security Camera Brands

Samsung is already taking more than half the world by storm with its innovative designs and new technology. Samsung offers plenty of products including smart phones, security devices, tablets, and wearable, making it a true leader in the field of technology.

If you are looking for video recorders and security cameras, then Dahua is the answer to your problems. It is a leading brand in the industry and has helped bring several innovations. Dahua is an excellent security system manufacturer and our trusted supplier.

Hik Vision
Video encoding, data processing, government education, healthcare, and several other domains are incomplete without Hik Vision. It helped the world move forward into the next generation of technology, making it a fan favorite around the world.

Sony is ruling the world of technology for several years. It is now a part of various industries like movies, music, games, and others. Sony also takes pride in leading the security system manufacturer and supplier. Its popular security products are user-favorites around the world, which makes it the right pick for anyone looking for sustainable security systems.

Pelco is a leading brand when it comes to IP camera systems. It has the widest range of designs for security systems, making it the ideal brand for our customers looking for the right security products.

Geo Vision
Nothing beats Geo Vision when it comes to Mega Pixel Cameras and ATMs as it is a leading company for technological products Geo Vision also took a step forward and started operating in security systems, making it a popular brand on our site.

FLIR is equally famous for its airborne and ground-based surveillance. The widespread application of FLIR is truly mesmerizing as the brand continues to unlock the true positional of technology in various fields.

AXIS is a name of reliability and trust for people related to education, healthcare, and several other domains in the world. It has made groundbreaking discoveries and developments, especially in security systems.

Intercom Installation Services

Another popular security measure that most of our customers reach out to us for is our intercom systems. Security Camera NY takes pride in fully covering all intercom installations. All of our intercom systems are reliable and long-lasting. We have an intercom solution for everyone no matter who you are or what your budget is.

We will help you get your intercom installation done in no time so that you can know who comes to your door without needing to leave your house for any reason whatsoever. All you need to do is choose from our various intercom options and our professional from Security Camera NY will be there for help.

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There are plenty of intercom options for all our customers. You can choose to install an audio-only intercom or go for an extensive video-supported intercom. We will install your intercom systems in no time so that you can experience security like never before. Our security systems focus on delivering real-time surveillance along with easy use for the visitors and our customers.

You can also choose to control your intercom tasks via your mobile devices with our newer intercom models. You can control everything from the door entries to the telephone entries once you install our trusted intercom system. Following are some of the various intercom varieties that you should look forward to.

We focus on quality intercom products, which is why we take our services from ABB Aiphone Comelit, Leedan, ButterflyMx, and Door Bird. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about a single thing when you get an intercom system installation from us.

Security Alarm System Installation in Fair Lawn New Jersey

Security alarm systems are a great way to ensure that you do not have to deal with trespassers or unauthorized individuals into your properties. However, finding someone who offers the right Security Alarm systems can often be challenging.

Fortunately, we, at Security Camera NY are an expert at ensuring that you have a fully secure security system and alarm. Our team has experience with installing alarms systems in a way that you do not have to worry about it ever again. You can have the surety of being safe and secure with our professional security alarm systems.

We know that you cannot stay in your houses day and night trying to keep it safe. Therefore, Security Camera NY’s alarm systems have remote control as well. You can view and control these systems from afar to ensure that your properties and your loved ones are safe at all times. There are plenty of additional security measures you can choose from when you deal with us.

You can install smoke detectors if you want to save yourself from indoor fires. All our security alarms come with a remote control so that you stay in charge despite of where you are. All of this makes our systems a great pick for security assurance.

Access Control Systems

We offer the best access control systems to ensure that the right people have access to your property. We have the following access control system options for you.

Biometric System
Choose between a fingerprint pass or a retinal scan through our biometric system to have a foolproof security system.

Facial Recognition
Add your face to the recognition database and unlock it every time yourself. You can also choose to add other members to the database for access.

Card Readers
Unlock doors with virtual cards that you or your close ones have for safe clearance.

Butterfly Intercom

Get notifications directly on your PMS the next time someone comes across to enter into your property so that you have full control over it. You can also add it to the main entrance for a multi-apartment, making it the ideal solution for everyone.

Virtual Doorman

Gain access to our virtual doorman options that come with a power backup and lets you control who enters and exits the building. You can also enforce instant lockdown on the building with the virtual door attendant making your life easier.

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byOliver B. onSecurity Camera

I'm in Bergen County, New York, and got another alarm system HD surveillance cameras introduced in a 6-family apartment complex. The unprecedented system and Security Camera NY group put the extra effort into doing it right. Would use the administrations once more.

byMark J. onSecurity Camera

Any person who is looking for an upstanding business with character to have gone to their home and have their security cameras fixed will be shocked by their cleaned expertise. Security Camera NY is only an astonishing organization I found in Bergen County, New Jersey.
Wonderful staff, staggering work, unprecedented organization.

byJennifer P. onSecurity Camera

I have an office in Bergen County and Security Camera NY installed an entire security framework. Staff worked honorably, came on a schedule decided. Every one of the individuals were all polite and capable and the expenses were sensible. The owner even hired him to introduce the security framework in the parking. Amazingly wonderful to work with them.

byBetty V. onSecurity Camera

We moved to Bergen County a month ago and needed to get a security system. Security Camera NY sent today an astonishing staff. They were on schedule, very expert, and tried to direct us persistently. They likewise made ideas for the ideal establishment of the two systems. Profoundly excited with 10/10

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