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Napco Alarm System

Napco is one of the biggest security service providers in the industry. Their years of experience, and collective manufacturing experience gained from different security products allows them to outperform even the veterans of the security industry. And their star products are easily their Napco Alarm Systems. These wired and wireless alarm systems are incredibly effective and very efficient when it come to their functionality. Napco Alarm System also works in cohesion with a variety of other security products such as alarm security cameras and intercoms. Along with the many different security peripherals we have available for purchase, we also have a wide selection of Napco Alarm Systems, which you can check out on your website.

Napco Alarm System installation

Napco Alarm Systems comes in a variety of different forms, including both wired and wireless alarm setups. People understand the inherent risk of a wireless alarm system, as it can often be hacked. So, to cater to people on both sides, Napco Alarm Systems come in both wired and wireless forms. The only advantage that wireless has over its wired counterpart is that it connects to the Smartphone app.

And while the installation of wired systems surely takes a long time, the wireless ones take almost no time at all. Even you, having no experience with security systems, can easily install a security system like this in less than an hour. All you need to do is set up the main keypad and sync all of the motion sensors to it. And that is literally all it takes to set up Napco wireless Alarm Systems.

Napco Alarm System Functions

Napco provides different alarm systems for different households and different needs. Depending on the type of house that you and its size, Napco has a different alarm system for you. But regardless of the size of your house, Napco Alarm Systems prove to be effective in any type of household. These alarm systems come with motion sensors for different doors and windows within the house.
Napco Alarm Systems also come with wide array of features that make them incredibly accessible and great for anyone.

Each system comes with a keypad that connects to the motion sensors wirelessly.

You can access the keypads with the help of separate remotes and their separate application. The application can control the Napco Alarm System as well as other Napco security Systems that you may have installed in your home.

Almost all of the keypads also come with talking voice prompts that is great for people who cannot see or for when the lights are out.

But the Napco Alarm System doesn’t just protect your house from intruders, they are also effective in detecting poisonous gas in the air.

Their keypads come with a carbon monoxide detector as well as a fire alarm. These features alone make it leagues ahead of its competition.