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Amazon Key for Business

The Access control system is a great technology that helps you access your property in a more secure way. It gives you full control of your property even when you are far away from it. The Amazon key for business is one of the best access control systems that allow you to receive your Amazon package at the right time. So, if you never want to miss your delivery, you can purchase an Amazon key for business from us.

Amazon Key for Business Installation

The Amazon key for business is pretty easy to install. It seamlessly integrates with your property’s current access entry system, so you don’t have to install new technologies and other accessories in your building. Using this technology is relatively easy than the other type of security system. The delivery boy will only need to use the app to request access to the building. He will be granted time to reach the common parts of the building.

However, installing the Amazon key of business in a building that doesn’t have an existing access entry system is a little challenging. In this scenario, the property management first needs to install this system before using the Amazon key for business.

Amazon Key for Business Features

Amazon’s key for business revolves around the features you need to get deliveries on time without putting your property at risk. The following are some features of Amazon for business.

No Late Deliveries

Thanks to Amazon, no more late deliveries. You will spend less time calling customer service and more time enjoying your new Amazon order.

Live Streaming Technology

Live streaming technology allows you to watch the driver from your mobile while sitting in a remote place.

Access Code

Bar code technology allows you to send code to your guest so that they can get access to your home.

Authentication Process

The authentication process ensures that only drivers gain access to the building that are delivering Amazon packages.

Notification Reminders

The notification feature reminds you to pick your package from the mailroom.

Easy Communication

The two-way audio helps you to communicate with the driver from a remote place.