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What is a Video IP Intercom?

Video IP cameras can do much more than people realize. With our IP video intercom, you can monitor and control any entry in your home or business. The network-based two-way intercom allows you to view and talk to the visitor at the door entrance. Get one today to increase the security and monitoring of your place.

How Does It Work?

The Internet Protocol Camera or IP intercom camera is a digital video camera used for surveillance and monitoring the entrance doors. IP intercoms use internet for data transfer and have high-quality cameras to provide a clear view for monitoring.

The IP systems use (VoIP) protocols on networks for the working of the intercom. Some of the IP cameras need a central network video recorder (NVR) instead of DVR – data video recorder – for the Analog System of the intercom to handle alarm management, video, and recording. We also provide IP systems that do not need NVR and can directly record to any storage media.

How is Video IP Better than CCTV Camera Surveillance for Intercom?

CCTV camera uses an analog system to convert the video signal to the format used by TV, computers or VCR. IP intercom cameras send and receive data through a computer network and the internet. Have a look at the advantages of using a Video IP Camera over a CCTV Camera.

Low Cost and Maintenance:
The use of standard data network for IP cameras, reduce its cost than the CCTV cameras. The maintenance cost of Video IP intercom is also less than a CCTV
Easy Installation:
Video IP installation is also easy and convenient with no use of coax and power cables unlike for the CCTV cameras.
Higher Resolution:
IP Video intercoms have higher resolution than CCTV cameras. The higher resolution provides a larger and clearer field of view as compared to an analog system. With Video IP intercom system you use fewer cameras than CCTV cameras. You would approximately need five to six CCTV cameras to have the same resolution of a single 2-megapixel IP camera.
Digital Zoom:
Many CCTV cameras do not have the feature of digital zoom. You can digitally
zoom on a live or recorded video to visualize in detail. This helps a lot during an investigation of an incident. The more pixels you have, the better zoom your IP camera has.


The main feature of IP video intercom door station is that it allows you to identify the visitor and then engage with them in a conversation and open the door only if you wish to. Here are the following outdoor and indoor equipment of our IP video intercom that helps you monitor your entrances and visitors:

IP based viewing station
Electronic lock release
Indoor monitor
Built-in speaker
Built-in microphone with an earpiece
High-quality camera with night vision
Push buttons in indoor and outdoor panels

We work with top brands such as Aiphone, Comelit, ABB, DoorBird and Leedan.

What are the Benefits of IP Video Intercom

IP intercom gives you control over the access people can have to enter your home and business. When you are able to effectively monitor your door entrances you are least worried about the security and privacy of your place.


Being able to view your visitor before answering the door is the convenience and luxury of video IP camera, you don’t want to miss. You can see the visitor without revealing yourself and can keep away the unwanted visitors.


Security is the topmost priority for an IP video intercom door station. IP intercom gives you control over your indoor security by allowing you to monitor your door entrance and surroundings. Without a monitoring system, you can easily open the door for an intruder or burglar who could disguise as anybody else.
IP video intercom also protects your home or business from cases of theft or vandal. The person with the intention of intruding or committing a crime would most probably steer away from your place as to not getting identified by a video intercom.