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Dome-shaped CCTV cameras

The biggest problem consumers face with security cameras is protection from vandals and weather. Fortunately, there are dome-shaped CCTV cameras available where the dome serves as a protective layer and inside the dome, there is a small lens made out of durable material. You can even choose to have a rotating head inside the dome but that option would make it more costly but our cameras do have the capability to manually move the camera head to face any angle you would like at no extra charge but for an extra charge you can add the option.

Having a good security system is an essential part of life for every business owner or homeowner. Cameras add more than an alarm system alone, giving the owner the ability to see what is happening outside. They are also beneficial as a means of evidence if vandalism or theft takes place on the property. Cameras are now highly advanced and have excellent graphics capabilities, allowing images to be zoomed in on and the perpetrators to be identified and caught. There is one problem that many consumers face when purchasing security cameras – that is protection from vandals. While vandals are well-known for tagging or damaging property, they have also become more aware that home and business owners plant cameras. They know how to vandalize or destroy some of the most commonly-sold devices, which are not the most optimal. Fortunately, there are vandal-proof cameras available. This article will explain how they work and what to look for.

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The most popular type of vandal-proof camera is a dome-shaped CCTV camera. When most people think about a security camera, a small device with a lens, sitting atop a block, comes to mind. Those types of cameras are good for watching one specific area – and for receiving foul treatment from vandals. Since the vandal can take one look and know where the camera is pointing, they can avoid that area, pull the camera down or disable it by detaching the visible wires. A dome CCTV camera gives an alternative solution to both problems. With the dome shape, it is easier to fit into a surface, giving it a much more inconspicuous look. Add a ring around it and someone may mistake it for a button or decoration. The dome over the actual camera offers protection if the vandal tries to smash it. Most vandals carry crowbars or bats, so if the dome camera is small enough, they may be able to smash the shell off if they notice it, but destroying the actual camera inside will be much more difficult. Since everything is enclosed in a dome, they are also not able to pull the wires loose to disable it. They will also not know which direction the camera is pointing, so they will be more likely to just go away to avoid the risk of getting caught.