Security Camera Tribeca

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Tribeca houses approximately 17,000 residences and has world-famous restaurants and luxury hotels. Being one of Manhattan’s hottest and priciest neighborhood, its security is of utmost importance to protect and maintain, residence, workplaces, and private properties.
We deliver top-notch security camera services to help you maintain a peaceful environment within your premises. Contact us today and get your place’s security upgraded.

Security Cameras Installation

We off installation, upgrade or repair of your security camera system to maximize the safety of your place. Our range of security cameras has all kinds of cameras to suit your security and monitoring needs. Have a look at the security cameras we have to offer:

  • Digital IP camera
  • Outdoor Security cameras
  • Vandalproof cameras
  • Pan-tilt zoom /PTZ cameras
  • Hidden/Nanny cameras
  • Night cameras
  • Infrared cameras

The security cameras we provide are part of the ultimate solutions for your residence, commercial properties, and businesses. The residential solutions offer protection to your homes, apartments, residential buildings, and private properties.

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Intercom System Installation

Whether you opt for home, commercial, or business security solutions; the intercom system is of great value to help you monitor your premises. You cannot protect your door entrances without installing a high-quality intercom system. Our intercom system combines the benefit of audio and video chatting. With an intercom system, you have the benefits of getting an alert, seeing and speaking to your guest and unlocking the door without moving from your place.

Our advanced IP camera intercom system can integrate within your smartphone through an app. You can monitor and grant access to your place using your smartphone. More importantly, you can do that from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Alarm System Installation

Our home and business solutions offer alarm system installation to help prevent any burglary or criminal activity in your premises. With an alarm system, you can stay worry-free when your business, property, and loved ones are safe with professional monitoring security cameras.

We custom our alarm systems according to your needs. We cover all possible points of your area, especially the critical ones to strengthen the security of your place. We offer sophisticated options like smoke detectors, motion and door sensors, and smart automation to upgrade your security plan.