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What is facial recognition?

In recent years, the technology of intercoms has evolved from a simple communication device to a vital security plan of a residence or organization. It all started with a simple intercom through which a person outside and inside the door could communicate with each other. Later came the addition of a camera and then the video calling feature to make the intercom technology even more robust.

Now we have come to provide you with the facial recognition feature. Intercom with facial recognition stores the face ID of all the residents or people of your organization and grants them quick access. If your security system does not have a facial recognition feature, then contact us now and get one installed.

How does Facial Recognition Work?

The basic working of facial recognition for intercom is the same as the working of face ID feature on your smartphone. The camera scans the face of the person, which creates a map of different points of the face using an algorithm during the face analysis. This technology stores the map of each face generated by the algorithm.

When a person steps within 0.5-meter distance area within our high-quality IP camera, an induction triggers in the intercom system. Our special CMOS image sensor in the IP camera captures the face in high definition color image for recognition. The facial recognition will complete the identification within 0.5 seconds and unlock the door if the face matches with those in the database.

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Features of Facial Recognition

By now, you must know the working of facial recognition for intercom system; it is very easy to understand its features.

Display and Camera

The display camera of an intercome with facial recognition is a little different than that of a regular video camera. After all, you need good pixels, high definition image quality and a scanning system for face analysis and face recognition. Our facial recognition IP camera usually has a 2MP or 3MP resolution. We offer full customization for the resolution of the cameras and additional features that suit your security system the best.

Access Control

The main purpose of the facial recognition camera is quick and easy access control. You don’t have to grant access every time a resident or a worker enters the building. Facial recognition is a self-automated and highly secured system for quick, easy and smooth access control.

Benefits of Facial Recognition

The benefits of facial recognition in intercom are not limited to providing automatic and quick access to the residents and workers. Some additional benefits are as follows:

  • Facial recognition stores face ID and allow access to over 1000 people
  • It can even recognize the faces in the dark
  • Facial recognition feature is very important for preventing and investigating criminal activities
  • Facial recognition in airports can help prevent the trespassing of an imposter or a criminal
  • It also helps to keep away or limit the access of gambling addicts into casinos.