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One of the most underrated towns of Nassau County, Woodbury is itself a small suburban city with many houses, parks, shops and recreational areas. Many retirees tend to live here in Woodbury and the residents tend to lean conservative. If you live in Woodbury you would know how great it is with a peaceful but not too quiet environment. Woodbury is not short of any amenities and services and the residents enjoy great transport facilities here.
If you live in Woodbury or own a business or property, you will know how necessary it is to install security camera system. If you need to have an upgrade or installation of security, cameras, intercom and alarm system then contact us today. We provide NYCs best security solutions to your residence, business, office and commercial property.

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Security Camera Installation Services

The security camera is first and foremost thing to install when you are setting up a security system. It helps you view and monitor the indoor and outdoor of your premises. The benefits of installing a security camera are numerous. Plus, installing our security camera systems promises high resolution and wide-angle lens camera to offer you better security services.

That is not all; our security camera system can be easily integrated into your smartphone through an app. By this you can view your property at any time in any place.

Our security cameras are available in a wide range. From a simple outdoor camera to advanced infrared camera we have everything covered to suit your security needs. Here is the range of our security camera.

  • Digital IP camera
  • Outdoor camera
  • Nanny (hidden) camera
  • Night vision camera
  • PTZ camera
  • Vandal-proof camera
  • Infrared camera

Intercom Installation Services

Install our intercom system and keep a thorough check on your visitors. With our audio and video intercom system, you can view and speak to your guest before granting access. With our smartphone integrated technology, you can answer your door from anywhere at any time. We offer a variety of intercoms for your security solutions. Choose from only audio to audio-to-video to Virtual Doorman system. Here is a complete range of intercoms from our service.

Alarm System Installation

Whether you are head of the family, business owner, or property owner, your job is to ensure the security and protection of your family members, work staff, or tenants. With remote system security locks and smart automation features, we offer top-notch alarm system installation. Have an alarm system that needs to upgrade? We are here for all the installation and repair of alarm systems for your homes, apartment, offices, and business. The following are the types of alarm system from our diverse range: