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Whitestone lies in the northernmost part of Queens, NYC. Whitestone offers a desirable residence for young families with great shops, eateries, transportation services, and recreational parks. The town has changed a lot since the past few years. Earlier there was a large population of Italian, Irish, and Jews. But now there are large numbers of Asian and Greek immigrants here as well. With a diverse community, Whitestone offers great amenities to its residents. Looking for a security camera installation service in Whitestone? Contact us and get NYC’s best security camera installation services to keep your residence or property in Whitestone safe.

Security Camera Installation Services

Our security camera solutions offer the best safety to your homes, commercial properties, and businesses. Our security cameras have a high-quality resolution and camera lens to give you a clear picture of your indoor premises and outdoor surroundings.

You can integrate your security system with a smartphone to view and keep a check on your indoor and outdoor surroundings from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection.) Our exclusive range of security cameras has a variety to fit your security needs and budget.

  • Digital IP camera
  • Outdoor camera
  • Nanny (hidden) camera
  • Night vision camera
  • PTZ camera
  • Vandal proof camera

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Intercom Installation Services

Your security system is incomplete if you have not installed an intercom. Where a security camera lets you monitor the important areas of your premises, intercom acts as a filtering system of who can enter your premises. With an intercom system, you can see and speak to your guests and visitor without answering your door.

Our high-quality intercom system combines the benefit of digital IP cameras and access control in your smartphone. We install intercom systems that can easily integrate into your smartphone through an app. This feature is great as you can allow or deny access to any guest or visitor even when you are not present in your office or building.

Alarm System Installation Services

You cannot stay worry-free regarding your house or property unless you have a proper system installed. An alarm system is very important to prevent any break-in, theft, or vandal, especially when you are away from your home or private property. If you are running a business, then business security is your topmost priority. Having an alarm system installed in your warehouses and workplaces is necessary to keep your staff and the goods safe.

Our top-notch alarm system not only rings but also sends alert to your smartphone, notifying and helping you to keep your premises safe in your absence. You can have advanced features like smoke detection, motion sensors, and glass-break sensors to strengthen your security systems.

We have an exclusive range of alarms that we build on custom with features to fit your security needs. Following are the alarm systems we offer our customers: