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Forest Hill is considered one of the best and cheap places to live in New York City. The urban neighborhood has everything from beautiful parks to great eateries and shopping places to historical sites. The neighborhood is one of a kind as it provides high-life at the lowest of prices than most of the areas in NYC. It has a nice environment with a mix of private homes and apartments ranging from simple to luxurious. If you are a resident of Forest Hill and want to have a residential security camera, contact us. We are NYC’s best security camera installation services. Home security solutions are one of the niches of services we provide. We are also experts in business security and commercial security solutions.

Security Camera Installation Services

Installing security cameras is a very important investment in today’s time. We aim to provide your house, offices, and business maximum security and services. With our security cameras, you stay worry-free as you can monitor your premises 24/7. You can integrate our security cameras with your smartphone through an app. You can view your home or property wherever you just by your phone with ease; all you need is the app and an internet connection.

Whether you want a simple outdoor camera for your home or and advanced night vision or hidden camera, we have everything covered. Our diverse range of security cameras features the following security cameras:

  • Digital IP camera
  • Outdoor camera
  • Nanny (hidden) camera
  • Night vision camera
  • PTZ camera
  • Vandal-proof camera
  • Infrared camera

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Intercom Installation Services

Intercoms are crucial for maintaining the security of your residences, office, or private property. With our intercom system, you can see and speak to your guests without reaching the door. Knowing who is at your door before you reach is not just a great convenience but provides a sense of security as well.

Our intercoms combine high-quality cameras and IP technology to help you monitor the door entrance of your place.

Alarm System Installation Services

If you want to maximize and strengthen your security system, then you must install a proper alarm system. Installing an alarm system helps to prevent any break-in, theft, or vandal. Our alarm systems are easy to install, upgrade and have high scalability so that you can add as many security cameras as per your security requirements.

We have a variety of alarm systems to offer to suit your security requirements. Security alarm features include: