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What is a Video Intercom?

Audio intercoms were highly praised when they came out in the early days. People appreciated the technology so much that virtually everyone decided to install it in their homes. By engaging with the person outside their place from a distance, they could choose to grant them access or not. Despite being so handy and evolving so much throughout the years, audio intercoms still had a major con. Sometimes people would impersonate someone else’s voice, or the sound wasn’t audible enough. It tricked people into giving strangers access to their homes, which in some cases didn’t turn out favorably for the host. It is because of these circumstances; people were beginning to doubt their intercoms. Something more secure was needed, which led the path to video intercoms.

A video monitoring intercom eliminates confusion and double-mindedness if you are uncertain about someone’s voice. By seeing who is ringing the bell, you will be sure about the guest’s identity before bringing them in. Although these devices are relatively new, more and more people are starting to install a video entry system in their house. If you are looking for one, Security Camera NY is the best place for you to get a high-quality video intercom.

Video Intercom Features

Large varieties of video intercoms are available in this age. All of them have something unique to offer to their users. From long-range communication to video recording, these devices have it all.

Calling in Different Rooms

This is a feature that most wired video entry systems have. With these intercoms, everyone is on the same channel, which makes it easier to contact them in comparison to wireless intercoms, where everyone is present on a separate channel. These video intercoms allow you to talk to people individually and in groups as well.

Hands-free Option

Some video intercoms are old school and require you to pick up the phone to converse with the guest. However, the ones that are manufactured in this age offer you more convenience by letting you talk without even touching the phone. This is especially useful for people who are busy at work and do not have time to leave their workspace time and time again to answer their ringing intercoms. There are wire-free units present in the video entry system of today. They are voice activated and offer you a great hands-free alternative.

Video Recording

Video recording is one of the best features that are present in modern video intercoms. It comes handy, especially when you think someone suspicious is at your doorstep. You can review the day’s visitors by taking out the cartridge present inside the intercom and even see specific visitors by using the time and date stamps in the video monitor intercom.


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Video Intercom Benefits

As far as home security goes, seeing is believing. Although intercoms have been present for ages, they have completely evolved due to technological advances. Video entry systems today come in handy than most things for offering protection to your assets.


You do not necessarily have to go to your intercom’s screen to see who is outside. You can even use your computer or cell phones. Modern video entry systems offer you several integration options giving you total control. Some models can even let you monitor outdoor activity from different parts of the world.


Of course, security and safety are the main functions that a video intercom provides. It offers you extra protection by ensuring that the video and audio quality that you receive on your screen is clear and crisp. You can even see the letters and numbers written on your visitor’s identity card with clarity if you want to. This eliminates second-guessing and clears you from putting yourself in potential danger.
Gates aren’t the only places to install a video entry system; you can even set them up in rooms. You can monitor your baby or pets and make sure that they steer clear from danger with these devices.