Security Camera for Pharmacy

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Security Cameras Keep Your Business Running

Pharmacies and drug stores in NYC need security surveillance systems as much as other local businesses do. With no security camera system in your drug store, you put your products under the risk of theft. While your sales employees are alert, it is very easy to sneak into any shelf or aisle and get a strip or bottle of any drug without them knowing. Protect your pharmacies and all the crucial drugs and medicines with NYC’s best pharmacy security cameras to keep your business running. Contact us today and stay trouble-free with our security surveillance systems.

Considerations for Pharmacy Security Camera Installation

Before you get a security system for your pharmacy or drug store, there are some factors you must take into consideration. Security requirements for your pharmacy varies based on the following factors:

  • Do you run a small drug store or a pharmacy within a high held building?
  • Do you have a drive-through that requires security camera?
  • What is your main concern regarding the drug store security?
  • Do you need a new surveillance security system or want to replace an older one?
  • Have you ever had any security problems in the past?
  • What area or neighborhood your pharmacy is in and how safe is it?

Set-up for Drugstore Security System

Make sure you cover the following areas for setting up of Video surveillance IP camera.

Where to Place Surveillance Camera?

  • Install cameras where you can monitor every customer who enters the pharmacy.
    Have cameras at the counter, aisle and drive through. If your pharmacy has a drive through, your IP camera should be installed where it can capture the license plates of all the vehicles.
  • You should have IP security cameras installed in the main stock storage section, dispensary and even the garbage stations.
  • You need to install the cameras outside your pharmacy and drug store to monitor the surroundings of your drug store. You must have at least one camera for the entrance or walkway of your store.

Reduces Insurance Premiums

If you can convince your insurer that you have a well-maintained security surveillance system, you’d be better at negotiating the premium rates.
An effective security strategy can help you secure better rates from your insurance company.

Benefits of Pharmacy Security Camera

Security surveillance systems for a high held pharmacy or a small drug store has many benefits.

Protection of Your Customers and Staff

Installing security cameras near the drugstore, around the entrances and places of stock storage will help you ensure the safety of your staff and customers by preventing the chances of illegal activities that can occur in pharmacies.

Keeping the Prices Low

Stolen medicines and drugs lead to hike in the prices of your stock. Pharmacy video surveillance keep your stock safe and can identify thieves, helping you getting your stock back and preventing the high prices.

IP- Video

IP cameras for pharmacy security offer better protection and control and monitoring of the security system than a CCTV camera system. Our IP cameras offer a variety of security settings that you can alter according to your needs. Pharmacy video surveillance system allows quick broadcasting of footage on the internet making it available any time.

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Tracking Drug Pedigree

As a pharmacy or drug store owner, you are responsible to ensure that the distribution and supply of the drugs is controlled and there are little to no chances of their misuse. In this regard, the security of your drug store is most critical. Our surveillance system also helps track and maintain the pedigree tail.

With drug pedigree tracking you have access and storage of all the information regarding the origin of each drug, the trade, purchase and its transaction. Each person in your pharmacy responsible for sales will be under special surveillance and will make all the sales and transactions responsibly and honestly.

Protection of Controlled Substances

With the increase in crime rate and illegal drugs selling, the controlled and critical drugs and medications are under threat the most. You must have strong policy and regulations regarding the use of such drugs but a security surveillance system will ensure that there are no chances of:

  • Theft,
  • Vandalism (replacement of actual drugs with the fake ones)
  • Unauthorized selling (without proper prescription)