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What is CCTV Security System?

One of the tried and true options for those who are looking for a quality security system is CCTV, or closed circuit TV. There are some great advantages to this type of system, and you might be considering CCTV camera installation for your own business or on another piece of property. We can provide CCTV system installation to ensure that you have the security you need. Of course, there are many who want to know more about what these systems are and how they work in the first place.

What Does CCTV Camera Installation Require?

A CCTV system will have at least one, but generally more, video cameras that will transmit video to a monitor or a video recorder. In some cases, the cameras will only be transmitting video, but others will also be able to transmit and record audio. The CCTV systems that are available today can be wired or wireless.
The systems themselves work simply. The signals are transmitted from the cameras to the monitors and/or the recording device. In some cases, there will be one or more monitors that are set up where people can watch the screens for anything that is out of place. Other times, they might just send the video directly to a recorder instead.

The technology that is used in many of the systems today is better than it has ever been, which means it is possible to provide clearer images. This is naturally helpful when it comes to security. Different types of CCTV cameras are available, as well. There are those that will work well for interiors, as well as those that can be used outside. Some can even be used in darkness, as they will have infrared technology. Others might have certain abilities, such as panning, zooming, and tilting.

As mentioned, there are both wired and wireless options available when it comes to CCTV system installation today. With a wired, or fixed connection, it will mean that the camera is physically connected to the recorder and/or monitors through a cable. There are different length cables available, but the longer the cable the lower the quality will be unless using extremely high-quality cables.

The wireless connections will generally make use of the 2.4 GHz frequency. This will send the images to the monitor or the digital video recorder. The range will generally be around 200 feet or so. One of the benefits of this type of setup is that there is more freedom with where the cameras can be placed.
There are several types of recorders that are used in these systems, as well. The older VCR tape recorder is still used in some circumstances, but these have been steadily replaced over the years with digital video recorders. The DVR might be a standalone device, or it might be connected to a computer. It will all depend on the setup.

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CCTV System Installation Benefits

When one of these systems is in place, it can provide the user with a range of benefits. For starters, it ensures a greater level of security for the property, as well as people and items that are on the property. If there is an event at the location, the security camera footage can often help to shed light on just what happened. The systems are affordable today because there are so many options. Whether someone needs to have one of these systems to help keep their home or vacation property safe, or they are protecting an apartment complex or a retail store, they can make a huge difference.

Another one of the benefits of the systems today is that they tend to be easier to use once they have been installed. It is possible for homeowners and business owners to easily monitor their property and get the protection they deserve.

Those who are considering one of these systems will want to consider the layout of their property and the various options that are available. They can then find a company to take care of the installation for them.