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Nothing matches the lavish urban life much like the Brooklyn Heights. The region has one of the most amazing sites know to men. However, the question is what good are all these amazing sites if there is no safety. Would you want you or your family to live in a place that doesn’t provide them with the necessary security measures? We, at Security Camera NY understand this, which is why we bring you the best security camera installations for your commercial and residential buildings.

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Security Camera Installation Services

We will bring you the best possible camera system options; so that you do not need to worry which security camera types are present in the market. All you need to do is tell us what you need and we will deliver it to you in no time. We can help you go through the installation process so that you do not need to worry about anything else.

  • Digital Cameras: If you are looking for constant surveillance, we can help you with it with our digital cameras.
  • Vandal Camera: Our vandal cameras provide you with an extra layer of protection with our plastic dome shape.
  • PTZ Camera: If you want to double check that you can zoom and point in the surveillance all you need are our PTZ cameras.
  • Night Vision Cameras: our infrared cameras will help you keep an eye over everything even during pitch black.
  • Video Recorders: If you want to record the footage from your surveillance all you need is our video recorders to do the job for you.

Intercom Installation Services

Finding the right kind of intercom installation services can be tiring. Fortunately, Security Camera NY takes responsibility to end all your intercom installation related troubles. We can bring you the best intercom types according to your needs and budget so that you do not have to worry about the security in your property. Our professionals can suggest multiple spots for you to install these cameras so that you do not have to sweat it. Ensure that you connect with us and we will get down to the intercom installation immediately.

You will be secure from all external threats once you sign up with us. Our intercom systems will help you keep an eye on the building entrance, know who is there and answer the door without needing to go the door yourself.

Alarm System Installation

There are plenty of alarm types that you can get your hands on once you start working on your house security. However, not everyone does the job right. Lucky for you, Security Camera NY is just what you need to get an alarm installation or when you want to repair and upgrade your alarm systems. Our security systems will do the job for you once you have our alarm systems installed