Smoke Alarm System Installation

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How Does a Smoke Alarm System Work?

Fires are a very real and dangerous threat for homes and businesses alike. Even when property owners are careful and they are adamant about fire safety, it does not entirely eliminate the possibility of a fire. Therefore, it truly pays to be prepared in this event. Having an alarm system in place that can provide an alert for a fire is essential. In fact, it is a requirement in many instances. We can provide you with the smoke alarm installation that you will need for your property whether it is a personal residence or a business.

There are two different types of smoke detectors that are on the market today. There are the ionization detectors and the photoelectric detectors. Sometimes, an alarm will use both of the methods, as well as a heat detector that can set off the alarm to provide the sound that lets everyone know there is a problem. Some smoke alarm systems will utilize 9-volt batteries for their power, or lithium batteries. Other alarms will be wired instead.

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The ionization detectors include an ionization chamber in them, as well as a source of ionizing radiation. When this system is then interrupted, when smoke comes into that chamber, it will create a continuous electric current. The smoke particles will attach to the ions and neutralize them, and the change in the current is what will cause the alarm to occur.

In one type of photoelectric smoke detector, smoke can block the beam of light that the detectors utilize, which can set off an alarm. In other types. The smoke will cause the light to scatter on the photocell, which is what will cause the alarm to be triggered.

Both of these types of sensors have been used in the past, and there are some systems today that use both at once. When choosing a smoke alarm to be a part of your home or business’s setup, it is a good idea to have an idea of what type of system the company will be using. Typically, the photoelectric detectors will do a good job of responding quickly when there is a smoldering fire. The ionization detectors can quickly respond to flaming fires.


Many of the quality systems that are available today will have monitoring around the clock, so that the fire department can be alerted in the event of a fire.
Regardless of whether you have a home or a business that you need to protect, be sure that you get a quality system set up sooner rather than later. Once the smoke alarm system installation has been completed, it can provide you with some peace of mind. In addition, it is important to make sure that there are enough alarms throughout the property to provide the adequate safety for the entire space.