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What is an Infrared Security Camera?

Often, security issues will crop up in areas where there is no light. Criminals have always thrived in darkness, and they will still rely on the dark in many cases to get into a person’s house, garage, car, or place of business. The darkness conceals them. However, through the use of an infrared security camera setup, it is possible to literally shed some light on this problem. These cameras can provide an added level of security to a property that other cameras will not. If you are in need of infrared security camera installation, we can help provide you with the necessary installation.

The IR cameras are capable of recording when there is no other light around. Of course, it only seems like there is no other light, but these types of cameras will actually be able to detect this invisible light. This light is in the infrared spectrum, which means that people are unable to see it with the naked eye. These types of cameras will feature infrared light emitting diodes, which will help to add more of the IR light to the area. This is highly useful when it comes to security in areas where there is little to no natural light and it is dark.

The best IR security cameras will have 0.0 lux. The lux is a measurement of the amount of light that is needed to take a good picture. When a camera has a low lux, it means that they will not need to have as much light to take a picture or video. At 0.0, it means that they can take video and images in complete darkness.

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One of the things to keep in mind when it comes to infrared security camera installation is that these types of cameras are not the same as a day/night camera. A day/night camera will still require that there is a certain amount of light that is consistent in order to be able to capture an image. With a quality IR camera, this does not matter. As mentioned, the best of these cameras can record even when there is no light at all, as they can emit their own.

Aside from the ability to record in darkness, these cameras tend to work very much like any other. They can record and transmit footage, either wireless or through a wired connection depending on the camera.

Having a security system that includes IR cameras can be a real benefit for many different people. Whether you are protecting your home, or you are trying to protect a business, quality security cameras with IR functionality can be a huge benefit. They are able provide users with some added security even in the darkest of locations.