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ABB Intercom

Straightforwardness, style, and flexibility have lately become key prerequisites for a pleasant door communication experience. ABB’s completely tailored smart Intercom system is a one stop answer for all requirements. Whether you require it for a villa, a residential unit or a high-rise complex with stringent and demanding security requirements, the ABB Intercom has you well covered and then some. Moreover, the easy to use graphical interface for someone who is not technologically savvy ensures user satisfaction at all times. What are you waiting for? Swing by our website to buy your very own ABB Intercom (Installation charges included).

Intercom Installation

The ABB Intercom Installation is a hassle free process which is a sweet relief for those who can’t bother fiddling with buttons or untangling the wires! Moreover the detailed user manual is another great feature including in the ABB Intercom packaging unit. The said manual comprehensively lays out the installation procedure for the user with the aid of pictures and text.

The Intercom essentially comprises of an outdoor and indoor station (each with own graphical interface, speaker and microphone) through which the communication is carried out back and forth. These stations are pre assembled in the packaging box so putting up the ABB Intercom is pretty much plug and play. The quick installation is just another reason to convince you to buy this hardware and let the ABB technology take the driver’s seat

ABB Intercom Features

I say this without hyperbole that that the features of the ABB Intercom leave nothing to be
desired. Some of these compelling features which sway the customers to make a purchase

Easy to use Interface

Reiterating for emphasis what I mentioned earlier in the piece, the graphical interfaces featured in both the outdoor and indoor panels are very simple to use. It does not take much time for the user to get conversant with the operation and functionality of the interface which more than often entails only pressing a few buttons.

Very convenient

It goes without saying that the Intercom System is very convenient when you don’t have to physically walk to the door/gate to let someone in and out. Moreover, courtesy to the inbuilt camera, you can identify who your visitor is by simply glancing at a video monitor.

Feature rich outdoor panel

The outdoor panel is a quintessential example of when design goes hand in hand with functionality. It possesses several attributes such as an anti fog camera lens, automatic night lightning during the later part of the evening, access by pass code to boost security levels and so forth.

Robust panels

The outdoor panels have been put through their paces by undergoing challenging tests to ensure that they will not only survive but also function and operation without a hiccup in unfavorable weather conditions.