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Greenpoint is one of the best examples of the United States Liberty that all Americans deserve. It is the northmost region of New York City and is equally popular for people of all ages. However, all this popularity doesn’t amount to much if there is not much security for people. Crime rates seem to be increasing in Greenpoint recently and it is becoming difficult to survive. Fortunately, Security Camera NY brings security measures like Security Camera Installation for its customers.

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Security Camera Installation Services

What makes Security Camera NY special is its wide range of security camera system options. It has the widest range of security camera types available in the market so that they something for every one of their customers. If you are not sure what kind of camera installation is ideal for you; check the following short descriptions.

  • Digital Cameras: Digital Cameras are by far the best solution for anyone looking for permanent surveillance solutions. You can reach out to us for yours today.
  • Vandal Camera: If you feel like you need extra protection for your cameras, the vandal cameras are just what you need thanks to their dome-shaped protective layer.
  • PTZ Camera: You can make most of your security camera installation without PTZ cameras to zoom in and point at recording anytime you want.
  • Night Vision Cameras: Installing our infrared night vision cameras is the best for you if you want to save yourself from constant repairs and upgrades and keep an eye on things during the night.
  • Video Recorders: The video recorders let you record all the surveillance footage digitally so that you can view them later for reference.

Intercom Installation Services

If you are looking for intercom installation services, nothing beats Security Camera NY. They have the best intercom types if you want to ensure that you have a pleasant living experience in Greenpoint or any other part of New York. These intercom systems can help you keep control of your buildings and decide who gets to go inside your property. You can choose from the following list of intercom installation options without repairs or upgrades.

Opting for our intercom systems will make your lives easier, faster, and safer from outside threats. Feel free to contact Security Camera NY for your first intercom system installation today.

Alarm System Installation

We understand if you do not wish to get an alarm system because you don’t know how to differentiate between various alarm types. You can reach out to us because we will not only assist you with your security alarm installation but also help you repair and upgrade your alarm systems. This way you want to have to worry about maintaining security in your property and live a stress-free life at all costs. All you need to do is contact Security Camera NY for your first alarm system installation today.