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GeoVision Security Cameras

GeoVision is one of the biggest names in security cameras. GeoVision security cameras are incredibly diverse in both their application as well as the services that they offer. From regular bullet cameras to dome cameras, GeoVision provides security solutions for every scenario that you may encounter. GeoVision also provides cameras for different locations that are sure to cater to that place’s needs. Security camera installation for their cameras is also very easy, which is why they are especially favored among people relatively new to Security cameras. Our store offers a wide range of Geo vision security cameras for you to choose from. Visit our website to learn more.

GeoVision Security Camera Functions

GeoVision security cameras have some incredible functions that really set them apart from the competition. The immense catalog of cameras is simply astounding and is specific for different situations. Whether you want a camera for the office or for you school, GeoVision has you covered.
Most High-end GeoVision security cameras come equipped with excellent WDR (Wide Dynamic Range). WDR ensures constant picture quality in both the brightest and darkest of conditions. Some of their other high-end cameras also come with vivid 4K recording capabilities that allow for much greater detail in video.
These cameras also come with two way audio, and a built in SDXC card slot. The SDXC card slot allows for video to be saved when the servers go down, which means there is never any down time when it comes to security. Dome security cameras by GeoVision also allow for a zoom feature thanks to its motorized varifocal lens.

Other features that GeoVision security cameras have include smart streaming and a 3-axis mechanism. The 3-axis mechanism allows the camera to tilt, pan, and rotate, without the need of additional equipment. Moreover, the camera also comes with 3D noise cancellation to pick up more important sounds other than the wind.

GeoVision Security Camera Installation

Security camera installation is no small feat. Installing a security camera can be a lot more complicated and frustrating when you have no idea what you’re doing or have no experience. GeoVision understands this particular problem, which is GeoVision security cameras come with PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities.

PoE allows people to install their cameras without having to need the help of professionals. All you need is an Ethernet cable attached to the main computer, and your camera starts working. It’s easy as plugging in a mouse or keyboard.

The best part is that the security camera installation for higher end cameras is also through PoE. So even if you get the best GeoVision security cameras, all you will have to do is simply plug them into the Ethernet and they will start working. Who said installing a security camera has to be complicated?