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DoorBird Intercoms

Technology evolves much faster than people can keep up with. Even children of the current generation have a hard time keeping up with all of the different evolving technologies. As phones, laptops, and even TVs have eventually evolved, it’s time for intercoms to get their fair share. DoorBird is one of the first few companies that have taken intercoms to the next level as they have become much more than just a simple microphone and a speaker. DoorBird intercoms are complicated pieces of hardware that provide some great features through their app. And among other security tech that we have available to purchase, we also have a wide selection of DoorBird Intercoms. So, if you are looking for great DoorBird intercoms, be sure to visit our website.

DoorBird Intercom Installation

Intercom installation is a major hassle in every way that you look at it. It takes an immense amount of time to install, it can often be expensive, and is just an all around bother. However, DoorBird intercoms do not require a tedious installation. Since everything is digital, they only need to install the intercom and other devices on the doors that will allow the phone to open them. Other than that, when it comes to intercom installation, that’s all you need.

This intercom installation process saves you a considerable amount of time and money, making it perfect for people constantly on the go. The app also shows you all of the doors that are currently open or closed, so that you don’t have to stress over it.

DoorBird Intercom Features

DoorBird has managed to develop one of the best intercom systems currently available in the market. Their combination of a sleek design and amazing functionality makes for quite the impeccable deal. Ag great feature that the DoorBird intercom comes equipped with is a speaker and a few buttons that allow the visitor to call. However the real star of the show is the app that allows people to use a multitude of features through their phone.

The app for DoorBird intercoms gives a live feed from the camera in the intercom to the screen on your phone.

This feature allows you to easily talk to any visitors at your door without having to go there directly.

DoorBird intercoms also save and record visitor interactions on a cloud which you can access from the app at any time.

The app also sends notifications to your phone or your tablet once a visitor comes at the door.

The camera for the DoorBird intercom records HD video with its 180° wide-eye hemispheric lens with infrared night vision and bank level encryption.

The application can also allow you to connect to a variety of doors in your house with the same app wherever you are. So you can receive parcels even when there is no one at your home.