What is Virtual Doorman, and How it Works?

What is a Virtual Doorman?

This technology is not like a hologram or robot installed in the apartment or office building. Usually, virtual security includes various security options but mostly involves a team or an individual who monitors the building from a remote area through video monitoring. It also uses an AI system to control the entire procedure. The virtual doorman technology allows tenants or staff members to open the door through programmed keyfobs. This technology also includes the option of biometric, such as fingerprints. 

If you want to allow any guest to enter your home, you can communicate with an operator on the virtual staff to let your visitors into your home. Moreover, a virtual Doorman allows the driver to enter the package store in your apartment building and leave the package. 

In some setups, the virtual doorman involves some human interaction; remote team members perform this task. They greet and communicate with the visitors through an intercom. Moreover, this smart virtual security system also becomes familiar with the people who often visit your apartment, including service personnel.

How does It work?

Virtual doorman is a virtual security system that integrates surveillance and access control to give access to delivery drivers, guests, and any service personnel to your home while controlling the mechanism from a remote location. It includes various equipments like digital CCTV, intercom, cameras, and access control devices. The integrated devices help to monitor your property. Moreover, the video intercom offers two-way audio and video conversation so that visitors can communicate with the operators. 

When the residents, delivery man, or a visitor press the call button, they can easily communicate with Virtual Doorman, which assists you in your problem. The best part about this technology is its affordability, making it possible to secure your property.

Pros and Cons of the Virtual Doorman


24/7 Security

Most of the security methods designed for residential buildings cost a whopping amount of money. Plus, a building’s management may not warrant the expense of hiring a full-time doorman. However, the virtual doorman helps you secure your office, apartment, or home 24/7 at a cost-effective price.

Increase Value of Property

Installing innovative technology in your building to enhance security will earn you a higher return on investment. Not sure how? Well, your tenants will be willing to pay you more when they get peace of mind that they can’t get the same level of security at any other place.

Higher Efficiency

Hiring a security company offers more convenience than hiring a full-time doorman. You will need to pay a monthly fee to the security firm. In contrast, hiring full-time staff and assigning duties can be a painstaking task. Even after this, there is no guarantee of the guards’ efficiency. Virtual doorman is based on multiple technologies, which help you reduce the cost, get greater efficiency, and better results when it comes to your property’s security.


No Security in Power Outages

As it is a virtual system, a virtual doorman will go offline in case of any power failure. All the doors will either be locked or opened, leading to security issues. This means your Virtual doorman can’t protect you when there is no electricity.

No Human Involvement

Yes, a virtual doorman is best to secure your apartment building, but it offers no human interaction. Sometimes, it feels good to engage in friendly conversations with the actual doorman. In some circumstances, you may also need a helping hand. For instance, when you have too many bags, and there is no one to help you carry them to your apartment or open the door.

Features of Virtual Doorman

The following are some common features of Virtual Doorman.

  • Sends notifications or emails about your packages waiting in the storage room
  • Instant activation of the operator to deal with the delivery or visitor at the door
  • It offers you accessible two-way communication with the operator through the video intercom
  • Allows secure entry or exit of the visitor or delivery man
  • Security cameras always monitor package rooms
  • Records all the activity inside the premises, which you can retrieve or review if needed
  • Offers a 24/7 command center to answer you in case of any problem
  • You can easily enter your home by pressing the call button and communicating with the operator when you left your key or mobile at home
  • You can keep a spare set of keys

Bottom Line

Virtual doorman is a smart way to secure your home without spending a hefty amount of money. You can take off all the tension from your mind and let them do their job to keep your home sweet home safe.