What is Amazon Key for Business, and how it Works?

What is Amazon Key for Business?

It is a fob for delivery associates who take Amazon packages to essential and commercial properties. The property managers and building owners can give access to delivery man by connecting them with entry systems of the properties via custom entry codes. This technology helps the drivers to deliver the packages without disturbing the property management. Moreover, the Amazon key for business integrates with the building access systems commonly used by popular property owners, such as Avalon, WinnCompanies, Kettler, and others.

You can also enjoy its Garage service feature, which allows the users to control and monitor their garage doors with this app’s help. This way, prime members can get the packages delivered to their garages (they must have a garage-door opener). Amazon has also introduced a feature that allows access to vehicles’ trunks used for delivering the items. 

In a nutshell, it gives access to the driver to the common parts of your property like the garage, parking area, or waiting room. You can watch the video of the delivery boy entering your property and then leaving the place through the app.

How does It work?

If you are already familiar with Amazon’s key for business, you may know that there are some excellent built-in safeguards in the app. This robust technology uses a combination of smart locks and web-enabled services. When a package arrives at your doorstep, the driver scans the barcode on the parcel/packaged item to communicated with Amazon’s cloud to ask for access.

The camera will start recording the actions taking place at the time. The door will unlock digitally, and the driver will keep the item inside. Then the delivery man will need to signal the door in order to relock it. If they don’t, they can’t make their next delivery. A camera will record this entire process and stream the footage to the consumer.

You can also provide access to your home by using this mobile app. For instance, you have ordered a crockery item, which you need for the dinner you have planned for friends. The get-together is on Sunday, and you are likely to receive the package on Friday. However, you have some other tasks planned for that day, and you will not be at your home. What will happen then? Your driver will use the app to access your door lock, enter your home, leave the packages, and lock the door again. The camera will record this entire procedure, which is near your door. You can monitor the process, or watch the video later on your mobile app. 

Not to mention, you can enjoy many advantages. Like you can remotely unlock the door to allow your family or friends in the house. You can even let the maintenance worker enter your home this way. 

Yes, some people find it stupid to let the driver come into their house. But they will not give it a second thought if they get the same option for their car’s trunk or home’s garage. This makes the life of both consumers and the company easy to receive and send the delivery on time. Amazon is now introducing one-day shipping to give a better customer experience.


Some of the main features of the Amazon Key for Business are the following.

  • Entry and exit clips of the driver, friends, or family in your home, which you can watch at the moment or later.
  • Notifications on your mobile during the process.
  • You don’t need to leave a physical key under the doormat.
  • You can lock or unlock the door at any time you want, even if you are far away from home.
  • Options to create security codes, which you can provide to your guests in order to give them access to your home.
  • You can manage your guest list and limit their time in your house.
  • You can watch a live stream of your door at any time you want.
  • You will also get the option of two-way audio.

Bottom Line

In short, Amazon Key for Business is a great option if you want to get the deliveries on time. It makes your life easy in a thousand ways as well as gives you higher security.