What is Contactless IP Intercom, and how it Works?

What Is Contactless IP Intercom?

As experts suggest, high-contact places can increase the risk of spreading diseases. Your doorbell is among the high-touch surfaces that carry hundreds of microbes. Thus, there is a need to integrate new contactless technologies to minimize risk. The contactless IP intercoms can help you in this case. It gives you control to allow someone to enter your home, school, offices, or any other place. Plus, it allows you to reduce the direct contact to your door or doorbell. This technology integrates with your smartphones to see the person outside, communicates with them, and allows them to come in if you want.

The contactless IP intercoms have different types. You can find multi-tenant intercoms and single-button intercoms. Both of these types contain built-in IP cameras. Moreover, these intercom systems use remote cloud servers and local intercom servers to connect the smartphone and intercom. Not to mention, these contactless IP Intercoms use different protocols like IP video, audio over IP, VoIP SIP protocol, and other protocols. These protocols are responsible for making the connection between the devices. The best part is that these smart IP intercoms allow controlling the entire process from your smart mobile through an app.

Features of an IP Intercom

There are different methods that IP intercoms are using to help you. Thus, you can welcome your guest without worrying that they will touch the door. The following are some features that you can enjoy by installing any contactless IP Intercom.

QR Code Reader

This is one of the interesting features the IP intercoms boasts. You will get your unique QR code through the app of the intercom you are using. You can send this code to the visitor’s phone. The intercom device will scan the code and then open the door for them.

Facial Recognition

This feature uses a camera that remains on all the time. When the visitors or residents stand in front of the device, the intercom scans their faces. They don’t even have to press the doorbell or bang the door. If their information is there in the database, the door will unlock to let them in. The face recognition intercom uses technologies like anti-spoofing and dual cameras to prevent the risk of fake identification.

Body Temperature Measurement

Because of the increasing concerns due to the pandemic, many companies have introduced new smart features. New IP intercoms offer you to check the visitors’ temperature before letting them inside the premises. Furthermore, it only allows a person into the building if their body temperature is in the normal range.

Remote Unlocking via Smartphone App

The IP intercom allows users to control the device via their smartphones. Hence, you can check who is outside and then unlock and lock the doors. You can do this from a remote place using the application you have on the smartphone.


RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a popular technology used to identify people through the wireless method. Every user gets a unique RFID card or Keyfob, and these can be detected by the intercom when the person comes near the IP intercoms.

Additional Services

You usually get the traditional doorman facility if you live in luxurious buildings. The doorman at these places is responsible for giving you high security, greeting you when you pass by, and taking your packages on your behalf.
On the other hand, a virtual doorman offers all these amenities to almost all types of properties. So, even if you don’t live in a high-end building, you can install a virtual doorman.

Popular Contactless IP Intercom

Doorbird and Akuvox are both popular contactless IP Intercoms that offer you several features.


This contactless technology has one main purpose, i.e., to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. You can use these for your homes or buildings like hospitals, schools, and other institutions. It gives you a contactless ringing method to reduce the interaction between people and the doorbell. Its D2101WV model detects the gestures like approaching of the hands towards the door or waving. These actions signal the intercom to do its work. It also uses different methods to let the visitor inside the premises.


The R29C Contactless IP Intercom lets you enter the building after face recognition. So, if a person’s record is present in the database, they only need to stand in front of the system’s device, and the door will open for them. This IP Intercom technology also uses RFID through Keyfobs and access cards. Another advantage you can enjoy of this system is its method of scanning QR code. Not to mention, it offers you to measure the temperature of your guests as a precaution.

Bottom Line

Contactless IP Intercoms are the new technologies that make your life easier and simpler. All of them have the purpose of minimizing your risk of contracting germs and viruses.