How to Choose a Security Camera System for your Home?

When it comes to tightening security at your home, the first step should be to install a security camera system. These innovative solutions have genuinely made it easier to solve security and safety concerns. 

We understand how daunting a task it might seem to pick and choose a security camera system. It gets even more difficult when you are not very much familiar with how everything works in the security world. 

This article will serve as a guideline to help you choose a security camera system for your home. 

Type of camera

You can only get the right camera once you have a clear picture of where you want to place them. When it comes to installing them inside your home, you will find out that there many options available. However, if you are looking to install them outside the house, it gets a tad tricky. You will have to decide between wireless cameras and a video doorbell. 

When you are in the decision-making phase, keep in mind that video doorbells have the capability to withstand harsh weather. On the other hand, wireless cameras cannot bear harsh weather. So, these are some specifications that you should not miss when choosing a security camera system.

If you only want to monitor the door, a video doorbell will be suitable. 

Power source

How do you intend to provide power to the camera is a big question? Once you have an answer to this question, you won’t face any difficulty while choosing a security camera system.

To put things in perspective, you don’t have to change the batteries with wired cameras. However, the disadvantage is that it requires excessive wiring to keep running. So in the case of a power outage or an internet breakdown, these cameras will stop working. Therefore, it is best to ensure that camera models are fully compatible with cellular. 

Wireless cameras, in comparison to wired ones, are way easier to install. However, you may have to change or replace the batteries quite often. 

Storage options

A security camera system should always come with sufficient free storage. If it does not, be sure to check the additional costs you would incur if you go for extra coverage. 

Compare the storage space of cameras and opt for the one that comes with enough cloud storage. This is because the system saves files automatically on a server rather than memory cards. 

However, while we recommend cloud storage, it is best to have both local storage (files stored in SD cards or hard drive) and cloud storage in combination. This way, if one of the storage systems crashes, you will have the other one to fall back on. 
Therefore, a security camera system with both storage systems is always the best choice. 

Night vision feature

A good camera does not just show you what is happening during the day. Your camera must also show you what is going throughout the night time with equal clarity. There is either infrared or colored night vision available. 

If you are someone whose priority is to have proper night vision in their camera, we suggest you look into infrared cameras. 

However, allow us to mention that cameras offering colored night vision are highly prone to theft.

AI feature

While it is true that most cameras can detect motions, they can turn out to be false alarms. This is because these cameras recognize any form of motion that catches the lens.  It could be animals, vehicles or any other inanimate but moving object. Therefore, to avoid this, look for security camera systems that come with person-detection. If you have pets, there are cameras that come with pet-detection features as well. This will ensure the notifications you get are accurate and not unnecessary.

Moreover, most cameras also offer facial recognition. This means your camera can recognize the faces of your near and dear ones. You can feed them in your app, and this way, the notifications will be even more specific.


Make sure to seek professional advice and communicate well about your needs and requirements. All in all, we hope the factors mentioned above helps you with your security camera system hunt.